Revision history for Variable-Disposition

0.004     2015-02-11 22:17:44+00:00 Europe/London
	No new features.

	* Require, there's some test failures on older versions of Future and
	I don't feel like messing around with version checks, given that everything else
	I use depends on anyway - patches welcome if anyone feels differently.

0.003     2015-02-09 02:51:40+00:00 Europe/London
	No new features.

	Bugs fixed:
	* retain_future was returning undef for completed Futures

0.002     2015-01-30 20:40:28+00:00 Europe/London
	New features:
	* retain - holds on to a variable until dispose/exit
	* retain_future - holds on to a Future until it's ready

	* Expanded description of some details of the dispose() function
	including mention of the ($) prototype.

0.001     2014-08-30 20:43:59+01:00 Europe/London
	Initial CPAN release