Changes for version v1.0.0 - 2021-06-10

  • Update README / LICENSE (Brendan Byrd)
  • Pull request #1: SM-3106 (Brendan Byrd)
  • Add a small POD correction (Brendan Byrd)
  • Add Types::Common::Numeric analogues, with blessed number support (Brendan Byrd)
  • Avoid an potential "uninitialized value" warning (Brendan Byrd)
  • Add perl to cpanfile (Brendan Byrd)
  • Encourage more list notation for constraint/inline returns (Brendan Byrd)
  • Remove leftover hidden files (Brendan Byrd)
  • Update README (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
  • Pull in extra ignores from our MintingProfile (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
  • Unignore and commit Makefile (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
  • Fix PerlNum unit test failure on blessed numbers while using _strict_check (Brendan Byrd)
  • Switch from 3->4 spaces per indent (Brendan Byrd)
  • Convert module to use GSG DZIL framework (Brendan Byrd)


Type constraints for numbers