0.04 2020-12-22T12:11:00+01:00
 - Add checks for object in obj2struct() in all classes.
 - Add doc for Catalog. And examples for it.
 - Add doc for User. And examples for it.
 - Add doc for YearMonth. And examples for it.
 - Export obj2struct() and struct2obj().

0.03 2020-12-20T12:00:07+01:00
 - Fix dependencies.

0.02 2020-12-19T18:17:52+01:00
 - Add tests for Catalog.
 - Add tests for User.
 - Add tests for YearMonth.
 - Fix conversion of month in YearMonth class.

0.01 2020-12-19T17:20:09+01:00
 - First version.