0.15	14 November 2019
	- Fixed pod error as reported by CPANTS. - Mohammad S Anwar (MANWAR)
	- Add .travis.yml
        - Update Makefile.PL to include CONFIGURE_REQUIRES, BUILD_REQUIRES, dist, clean
        - Add link to github repository
        - Update Licence

0.14 	9 November 2019

0.13	19 September 2010
	Checking out the tool chain with perl 5.13.5.

	28 January 2004
	Made sure the test-suite cleans up on multi-versioned systems.

0.12	28 December 2003
	Added automatic required modules update using Devel::Required.

0.11	27 September 2003
	Added dependency on load.pm, version 0.11, as that has some more fixes,
	particularly relating to running under taint.

	18 September 2003
	Increased dependency on Thread::Serialize 0.07, which in turn
	should get at least load 0.09, which contains several fixes.

	Removed warning from test-suite as the strange warnings seems to
	have disappeared with the new version of load.

0.10	13 August 2003
	Fixed strange error that would sometimes cause an execution error
	during global destruction.  I guess it's just another case of
	fake objects being presented for destruction ;-(

	Tweaked the message in the test-suite a little.

0.09	11 August 2003
	Fixed some typos in the Makefile.PL.  Adapted some areas in the
	test-suite to allow for better testing.  Made sure that the tests
	run with strict and warnings.

0.08	30 September 2002
	Use "load" instead of "AutoLoader" in all but Thread::Tie itself.
	Increased dependency of Thread::Serialize to 0.05.

	27 September 2002
	Removed "our" from $VERSION and @ISA, should shave off some bytes in
	memory usage, as found from testing with Benchmark::Thread::Size.

	5 September 2002
	Adapted MANIFEST: the 2nd test-file of the test-suite was missing ;-(
	so nobody but me did the stress test.

0.07	1 September 2002
	Removed shutdown test from Tie02.t: default thread should close down
	on its own now, you shouldn't get a "Threads were running" error

	Added END {} to take care of shutdown of default thread: apparently
	the going out of scope of the main thread object doesn't cause the
	DESTROY method to be called.  So this is really a workaround for a
	bug in Perl.

	Increased dependency on Thread::Serialize to 0.02, to ensure that
	the most efficient one is always used.

0.06	31 August 2002
	Added OPTIMIZATIONS section to pod of T::T::Thread.

        Changed T::T::Thread to use AutoLoader to defer loading of necessary
	subroutines to when they are actually needed.  This should save
	memory and CPU for larger programs, or with large numbers of threads.
	The test-suite takes 1% less memory and uses 5% less CPU: the
	overhead of compiling is levelled out with the overhead of cloning
	pre-compiled routines.

0.05	20 August 2002
	Dave Mitchell showed me the error of my ways with regards to client
	server thread programming.  Fixed the main handler so that no yield()s
	are necessary anymore.  The whole thing now gets through the test
	suite more than 10% faster.  Scalability to many more threads should
	now be a lot better too.

0.04	15 August 2002
	Added CAVEATS section about limitations of what can be transported
	between threads.

	Removed custom freeze and thaw operations from Thread::Tie::Thread.
	Replaced by Thread::Serialize's versions.  Added depenendency on

0.03	13 August 2002
	Fixed problem with DESTROYing of tied variables after the thread
	was shut down.  Added error message when trying to do things other
	than DESTROYing or UNTIEing after the thread was shut down.

	Completed first version of documentation of Thread::Tie and

	Added "hammering" test-suite for tied file handles.

	12 August 2002
	Added "hammering" test-suite.  This now tests the array and hash
	implementation as well as the capability to lock using a semaphore.

	Streamlined the thread dispatcher further, succeeding in a 9%
	gain in CPU usage.

	Removed the DESTROY method from the default implementation of
	tied variables in the thread (Thread::Tie::(Array|Hash|Scalar))
	as they are not necessary anymore since we have untie() support

	Added support for untie().  Untieing a variable will cause the
	DESTROY method to be called inside the thread before being untied
	there as well.  Any subsequent DESTROY's (after the variable was
	untied) will be ignored (thereby averting the untie GOTCHA).  This
	can save significant amounts of memory.

	Added method "shutdown" to Thread::Tie (as class method, to shut
	down the default thread) and as object method to Thread::Tie::Thread.

	Added support for "eval" field for evaluating arbitrary perl code
	inside the thread when tie()ing the variable.

0.02	10 August 2002
	Added support for "use" field for using extra modules inside the
	thread when tie()ing the variable.

	Added documentation for the TIEHANDLE implementation.

	Fixed up the default TIEHANDLE implementation.  Should now work
	except for readline() in list context: because the context is not
	(yet) passed to the thread correctly, reading lines from a file
	in list context doesn't work.

	Added BEGIN section to Thread::Tie, causing the default thread
	to be started during compilation.  This can make the thread as
	lightweight as possible, especially if it is the first module used.

	Added some intelligence to Thread::Tie::Thread's _freeze and _thaw
	so that they will not use Storable unless it is really needed.  This
	should be a performance boost for the simple cases.

	Removed mention of being truly shared because Arthur Bergman pointed
	out that the current tie() implementation _always_ saves the values
	in the (thread local) SV.  Although this has nothing to do with
	shared variables, it _does_ cause the values to actually be copied
	into thread local space everytime they are fetched.

0.01	9 August 2002
	First version of Thread::Tie.