Revision history for Perl module Text::PO

v0.5.0 2023-01-04T19:55:54+0900
    - Changed gettext.js class GettextString property 'lang' to 'locale'
    - Implemented the class Text::PO::String containing the localised string and its locale property returned by Text::PO::Gettext methods

v0.4.1 2022-12-30T20:56:12+0900
    - Implemented a minor improvement in gettext.js to stringify msgids that are objects.

v0.4.0 2022-12-30T20:08:59+0900
    - Improved the gettext.js JavaScript library to have gettext() and other methods return a GettextString object containing the "lang" property. This is useful to know the actual language of the string returned. It inherits from String object class and stringifies automatically.
    - Updated POD documentation for gettext.js

v0.3.0 2022-12-29T22:53:32+0900
    - Improved the exists() method in Text::PO to take an optional hash or hash reference of parameters.

v0.2.4 2022-12-09T20:07:10+0900
    - Improved documentation for scripts/

v0.2.3 2022-07-11T00:01:25+0900
    - Trapped lack of local time zone support.

v0.2.2 2022-07-08T08:19:53+0900
    - More test units correction.

v0.2.1 2022-07-06T15:41:53+0900
    - Corrected error in test unit.

v0.2.0 2022-07-06T06:25:56+0900
    - Made the code more strict and cleaned it a bit.
    - Removed the use of INIT blocks.

v0.1.8 2022-07-05T13:46:04+0900
    - Corrected current_lang() test in test units and improved its method in Text::PO

v0.1.7 2022-07-04T15:17:16+0900
    - Added alias gettextf to getTextf

v0.1.6 2021-08-03T11:58:28+0900
    - Corrected test units

v0.1.5 2021-08-02T09:46:24+0900
    - Corrected test units

v0.1.4 2021-07-31T06:22:04+0900
    - Improved parsing of po files when there are leading blank lines to be ignored

v0.1.3 2021-07-30T18:36:27+0900
    - Added methods getDaysLong, getDaysShort, getMonthsLong, getMonthsShort, getNumericDict, getNumericPosixDIct to Text::PO::Gettext

v0.1.2 2021-07-28T15:18:39+0900
    - Corrected unnecessary module call

v0.1.1 2021-07-27T17:05:57+0900
    - Corrected test unit

v0.1.0 2021-07-24T17:17:08+0900
    - Initial release version