Changes for version 0.602 - 2021-02-19

  • [bugfix] Don't emit color reset sequence \e[0m when not using color.
  • [doc] Add sections on referring to columns & rows.
  • [doc] Standardize spelling col_name -> colname.
  • [refactor] Standardize spelling of variable row_num -> rownum, col_num -> colnum.


List available border styles for Text::ANSITable
List available color themes for Text::ANSITable
List available style sets for Text::ANSITable


Gradation border (for terminal with black background)
Gradation (for terminal with white background)
No gradation, for black background
Default (no gradation, for white background)
Create nice formatted tables using extended ASCII and ANSI colors
Set different foreground and/or background color for odd/even rows";