CHANGES file for Test::Verbose

    - tv now globs on Win32
    - nmake now used on Win32
    - --verbose no longer require to show which test script is being run
    - --verbose now merely undoes any preceding -q, -qq, or -qqq options
    - .tvrc files may now do:

        $tv->pure_perl = 1;
        $tv->quiet     = 1;

    - No more whinging about duplicate "pod|POD" options spec
      (Paul Hoffman <nkuitse a t nkuitse com>)
    - Return a 0, not an undef, if no tests should be run
      (Paul Hoffman <nkuitse a t nkuitse com>)

0.009 Fri Apr  4 09:29:39 EST 2003
    - Remove spurious debugging noise.
    - Added --pod, --no-pod, --compile, --no-compile, --source, --no-source
    - Added -q, -qq and -qqq (experimental)
    - Added tv.log support
    - Removed odd little rare and small optimization that called exec()
      if there is only one command to run.

0.007 Tue Feb 11 09:26:21 EST 2003
    - Runs a .tvrc file in the project's root directory before any tests
      are run.  This allows you to set env. vars, for instance.

0.006 Thu Nov 14 13:38:38 EST 2002
    - Added John Fetkovich's elisp code to map the tv command to a key
      in a .emacs file.
    - Don't chdir to the project dir until running make test so that
      podchecker and perl -cw can find files.
    - Don't prepend t/ to absolute test script paths
    - Only run POD checks in a source file if POD detected (/^=/ matches)
    - look for t/ or lib/ when scanning up, to handle projects with
      no t/.  Ideally, this would search for t/ because lib/Foo/lib/...
      might be present, but hey, this is BALGE for now.
    - Prevent infinite looping if no project dir found.
    - tolerate \s before ; in packages decls
    - Don't examine $project_dir/lib/..., $project_dir unless a package
      name is supplied.

0.000_4 Wed Sep 25 07:30:54 EDT 2002
    - source code files and .pod files are run through podchecker
      by default.
    - -dd, --debug-stop runs the scripts in the debugger
    - -d, --debug runs the test scripts in the debugger in NonStop mode
    - -v, --verbose prints the commands out before they are run
    - --debug-tv now debugs the tv command (instead of --debug).

0.000_3 Tue Sep 17 22:43:29 EDT 2002
    - Add --ext-utils option for <>

    - make tests actually pass

    - Initial release