Revision history for Perl extension Test::Synopsis

0.16  2019-05-24
        - Fix test failures when version 0.23 of
            Test::Spelling is in use (by ppisar, #21)

0.15  2016-03-02
        - Specify Pod::Simple version to prereq, as needed
          feature missing from older versions (by autarch)        

0.14  2016-02-16
        - Complete rewrite by dolmen
        - The undocumented PRIVATE subroutine extract_synopsis
          has been renamed. Any code using it will break

0.13  2016-01-04
        - Fix #12 conflict with multiple chunks (by turnstep)

0.12  2015-12-27
        - Add META.json (monsieurp)

0.11  2014-10-04
        [Changes by ZOFFIX]
        - Added #10 to CAVEATS (redefined warnings)
        - Fixed #11 (failing tests on newer perls)

0.10  2014-02-07
        [Changes by ZOFFIX]
        - Reverted the change of renaming extract_synopsis() to
          _extract_synopsis(), as it appears some distros have used
          undocumented extract_synopsis() in their user tests, and
          the change is causing their distros to fail
        - Added contributors into META file through dzil plugin

0.09  2014-02-06
        [Changes by ZOFFIX]
        - Fixed prereqs to allow earlier versions of Test-Simple (Issue #9)
        - Removed POD errors from test .pm's to increase Kwalitee

0.08  2014-02-05
        [Changes by ZOFFIX]
        - Implemented proper handling of __DATA__ tokens
        - Removed unwanted warnings issued during tests
        - Upped required Test-Simple distro version (Fixes Issue #9)
        - Minor pod fixes

0.07  2014-02-04

        [Changes by ZOFFIX]

        - Converted to dzil for automation of everything and
            auto-generation of all the author/release tests and extra files

        - Fixed RT#84863 (should ignore descriptions, and
            other text that is not code)

        - Fixed RT#76856 (Sandbox breaks when combining synopses that use
            Moose and Moose::Role)

        - Fixed RT#69438 (heredocs fail to terminate because of the
            leading space for verbatim blocks)

        - Fixed RT#54731 (suggest =for conditionalized synopsis check)

        - Fixed RT#53192 (missing Copyright information for Test::Synopsis)

        - Fixed RT#52684 (pod directive to skip Test::Synopsis)

        - Fixed RT#51534 (end =for at blank line)

        - Fixed RT#51535 (show failing code on error)

0.06  2009-06-06 11:07:50 PDT 2009
        - Reworked NoPod tests so it doesn't sit in lib/ and won't be installed.

0.05  2009-06-06 10:55:02 PDT 2009
        - use Test::Builder::Module to support forward compatibilities with Test::More
        - Don't warn in tr/// if there is no pod at all. (Thanks to hanekomu)

0.04  2009-03-05 17:19:13 PST 2009
        - Fixed a doc bug where all_synopsis_ok() is taking a directory which it doesn't.

0.03  2009-02-25 20:48:54 PST 2009
        - Added file name and line number to eval context
          (Thanks to Daisuke Maki and Goro Fuji)

0.02  2009-02-24 12:22:03 PST
        - Added more docs.
        - eval the code in a more separate sandbox so that variables in Test::Synopsis won't affect.

0.01  2009-02-24 00:21:02 PST
        - original version