Revision history for Perl module Test::HTTP::Server

0.04 2016-03-07 NEILB
    - Added LICENSE AND COPYRIGHT, and AUTHOR, sections to the pod
    - Added echo, cookie, and repeat to the tests. CHOROBA++
    - Updated README to make clear it's not compatible with Windows.
      Thanks to Viviparous.
    - Made the server ignore the GET query_parameters. Merged PR from GETTY++.
    - Deal with multiple leading /'s at the start of the path part of the URL.
      Bug report and fix from dzjorz++ RT#95836
    - Added this file (Changes)

0.03 2011-05-15 SPARKY
    - use constant compatible with archaic perl
    - make sure address changes
    - added port and address methods
    - avoid "undefined" warning

0.02 2011-05-09 SPARKY
    - prefix all subpackages with Test::

0.01 2011-05-09 SPARKY
    - First release to CPAN