Revision history for Perl extension Term::Size.

0.211     2021-01-14 Term-Size

   - Promote to a stable release

0.210     2021-01-07 Term-Size ( TRIAL VERSION )

   - Attempt to fix build at DragonFly BSD: include <termios.h> (like for AIX) rather than
   - Rewrite Makefile.PL

0.209     2018-08-21 Term-Size

   - Tweak documentation
   - Promote to a stable release

0.208     2018-08-20 Term-Size ( TRIAL VERSION )

   - use PerlIO instead of FILE* RT#38594
   - On error, Term::Size functions now return undef in scalar context, or an empty list on
     list context RT#76292

0.207     2008-08-16 Term-Size

   - the original code for retrieving terminal size via XS ioctl is back -- and this dist is
     again Unix-centric
   - use Term::Size::Any for platform independency

0.205     2008-02-27 Term-Size-Unix

   - disabled prototypes in XS code - too misleading to be useful
   - borrowed rewritten test from Term::Size::Any (which should fix most test failures)
   - NOTE: this distribution will disappear soon, merging back to the original Term-Size dist

0.204     2006-09-13 Term-Size-Unix

   - included license in Makefile.PL

0.203.2   2006-05-21 Term-Size-Unix

   - moved sources from Term-Size to this distribution
   - bug fixed: &pixels always used fd 0 rather than fileno(f)
   - added test scripts "t/00_use.t" and "t/99_pod.t"

0.203.1   2006-05-21 Term-Size

   - bug fixed: &pixels always used fd 0 rather than fileno(f)
   - experimental support for Win32 was introduced by adding a dependency on Term::Size::Win32
   - added test scripts "t/00_use.t" and "t/99_pod.t"
   - the XS code moved to distribution Term::Size::Unix - this module is now a thin skin to
     call the appropriate module Term::Size::Unix or Term::Size::Win32

0.202     2006-05-19 Term-Size

   - inserted a note to say this is an UNOFFICIAL distribution

0.201     2006-05-18 Term-Size

   - '' rewritten with Test::More and renamed to 't/01_basic.t'
   - an initializer is now used when creating a struct winsize to avoid what looks like a bug
     on Cygwin: ioctl(., TIOCGWINSZ, .) does not set ws_xpixel and ws_ypixel fields, leaving
     them untouched. If they contained garbage, they kept the garbage
   - attempt to restore AIX compatibility according to suggestion in CPAN RT #11539 (by jydawg
     [at] "termios.h"  is not where Unix thinks it should

0.2       1997-05-13 Term-Size

   - support filehandle arguments

0.1       1997-04-23 Term-Size

   - original version