Changes for version 0.12.0 - 2019-04-30

    • adds 'Blocks' (as in, reverse of depends) plugin.
    • adds 'Mikado' command.
    • adds 'morning' plugin.
    • code churn: 14 files changed, 269 insertions(+), 57 deletions(-)



plugin system for the Taskwarrior task manager
helper app for Taskwarrior::Kusarigama
Add plugins to Taskwarrior
interactively re-prioritize tasks
install scripts and tweak config for Taskwarrior::Kusarigama
interactive review of unprioritized tasks
Set of core functions interacting with Taskwarrior
Entry-point for Kusarigama's hook scripts
Role for plugins running during the task creation stage
Role for plugins implementing custom commands
Role for plugins running during the exit stage
Role for plugins running during the task launch stage
Role for plugins running during the task modification stage
Base class for Kusarigama plugins
reverse dependencies for tasks
sync tickets of a Github project
create tasks, mikado-method style
run taskwarrior's garbage collection
open links associated to a task
turns the task repo into a git repository
run the garbage collector on first invocation of the day
assign project-level defaults when creating tasks
create a follow-up task upon completion
per-task Taskwarrior::Kusarigama::Wrapper
interface to the taskwarrior's 'task' command
Exception class for Taskwarrior::Kusarigama::Wrapper