package Task::BeLike::SONGMU;
use 5.008001;
use strict;
use warnings;

our $VERSION = "20140805.000";


=encoding utf-8

=head1 NAME

Task::BeLike::SONGMU - modules I use


SONGMU's favorite modules using at work.

=head1 MODULES

=head2 Tools

=head3 L<App::cpanminus>

=head3 L<plenv|>

=head3 L<Perl::Build>

=head3 L<Carton>

=head3 L<Reply>

=head3 L<Daiku>

=head3 L<App::watcher>

=head3 L<L>

=head2 Authoring Tools

=head3 L<Minilla>

=head3 L<CPAN::Uploader>

=head3 L<Version::Next>

=head3 L<App::scan_prereqs_cpanfile>

=head3 L<Spellunker>

=head2 Web Application Development

=head3 L<Plack>

=head3 L<Plack::Middleware::ReverseProxy>

=head3 L<Starlet>

=head3 L<HTTP::Parser::XS>

=head3 L<Twiggy>

=head3 L<Server::Starter>

=head3 L<Puncheur>

=head2 Class Builder

=head3 L<Class::Accessor::Lite>

=head3 L<Class::Accessor::Lite::Lazy>

=head3 L<Mouse>

=head3 L<Moo>

=head2 Meta Programming

=head3 L<Class::Method::Modifiers>

=head2 Validation

=head3 L<Data::Validator>

=head2 Utility

=head3 L<Clone>

=head3 L<List::MoreUtils>

=head3 L<List::UtilsBy>

=head3 L<Data::Section::Simple>

=head2 Exception

=head3 L<Exception::Tiny>

=head2 Configure

=head3 L<Config::PL>

=head3 L<Config::Pit>

=head2 Database Accessing

=head3 L<DBI>

=head3 L<DBD::SQLite>

=head3 L<DBD::mysql>

=head3 L<DBIx::Sunny>

=head2 O/R Mapper

=head3 L<Teng>

=head3 L<Teng::Plugin::ResultSet>

=head3 L<Teng::Plugin::SearchJoined>

=head2 Database Related Development

=head3 L<DBIx::Schema::DSL>

=head3 L<SQL::Translator>

=head3 L<GitDDL::Migrator>

=head3 L<SQL::Translator::Producer::Teng>

=head3 L<DBIx::TransactionManager>

=head3 L<DBIx::TransactionManager::EndHook>

=head3 L<DBIx::QueryLog>

=head2 No SQL

=head3 L<Cache::Memcached::Fast>

=head3 L<Redis::Fast>

=head3 Date and Time

=head3 L<Time::Piece::Plus>

=head3 L<Time::Moment>

=head3 L<HTTP::Date>

=head3 File Manipulation

=head3 L<Path::Tiny>

=head3 L<File::pushd>

=head3 L<File::Copy::Recursive>

=head2 Data Format

=head3 L<JSON::XS>

=head3 L<Data::MessagePack>

=head3 L<Text::CSV>

=head3 L<TOML>

=head3 L<YAML>

=head2 Processes and Threads

=head3 L<Parallel::ForkManager>

=head3 L<Proclet>

=head2 Profiling

=head3 L<Devel::NYTProf>

=head3 L<Devel::KYTProf>

=head2 HTTP Access

=head3 L<Furl>

=head3 L<AnyEvent::HTTP>

=head2 Template Engines

=head3 L<Text::Xslate>

=head3 L<Text::MicroTemplate>

=head2 XML and HTML

=head3 L<XML::LibXML>

=head3 L<XML::TreePP>

=head3 L<Web::Query>

=head3 L<WWW::Mechanize>

=head2 Text Tools

=head3 L<Text::Markdown::Discount>

=head3 L<String::Random>

=head3 L<String::IRC>

=head3 L<Number::Format>

=head3 L<String::CamelCase>

=head3 L<Text::Markdown::Slidy>

=head2 Asynchronous

=head3 L<AnyEvent>

=head3 L<Coro>

=head2 Testing

=head3 L<Test::More> 0.98

=head3 L<Test::SharedFork>

=head3 L<Test::Base::Less>

=head3 L<Test::Deep>

=head3 L<Test::Deep::Matcher>

=head3 L<Test::Deep::Cond>

=head3 L<Test::Pretty>

=head3 L<Test::mysqld>

=head3 L<Test::Mock::Guard>

=head2 Logging

=head3 L<Log::Minimal>

=head3 L<Fluent::Logger>

=head2 Others

=head3 L<POSIX::AtFork>

=head3 L<IO::Prompt::Simple>

=head3 L<Riji>

=head3 L<FindBin::libs>

=head1 LICENSE

Copyright (C) Songmu.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the same terms as Perl itself.

=head1 AUTHOR

Songmu E<lt>y.songmu@gmail.comE<gt>