Author image Pedro Melo

Changes for version 0.011 - 2013-07-13

  • MooseX::AttributeHelpers is deprecated (RT86648, thx
  • Remove some ecosystems I no longer use: Catalyst, Module::Install...
  • ... Notifo, FCGI, HTML::Template, local::lib ...
  • ... several template systems including Template Toolkit ...
  • ... XML::Compile and old ZMQ modules, IO::All insanity
  • use Method::Signatures::Simple for all my method needs
  • Settle on TOML for prefered config format, PBKDF2 for passwords
  • MSSQL is needed at work now
  • Used DBIx::Class as document store, InflateColumn::Serializer++
  • lib::tiny::findbin is gold
  • all SpreadSheet::* replaced with XLSX versions


in lib/Task/BeLike/