Revision history for 'TAP-Formatter-HTML' Perl module

All changes by Steve Purkis, unless otherwise noted.

    +	fix calculating todo_passed tests, GH#7 (tu-maurice)
    +	applied several tweaks from RT and Github:
        RT#132072: more international ISO8601-like date format (Slaven Rezić)
        RT#91317:  synopsis of main module and plugin (Slaven Rezić)
        RT#89216:  typo fix (dsteinbrunner)
        GH#2:      gitignore (Gábor Szabó)
        GH#4:      fix double include of css and javascript (Christopher Rasch-Olsen Raa)

    +	intermediate upload with incomplete changelog

    +	fixed RT #81922: tests no longer hang on Win32.  Didn't get to the bottom
        of the issue (likely IPC::Open3 & redirecting STDOUT not playing nicely),
        but worked around it.
    +   fixed a bug on Win32 where default js_uris & css_uris were being mangled:
        "C:%5C..." vs "C:\".  May have affected other Win32 URIs too.

    +	fixed RT #82738: color method was not implemented.
    +   fixed RT #74364: TT2 INCLUDE_PATH no longer set to all dirs in @INC,
        now it is set to parent directory TAP::Formatter::HTML was loaded from.

    +	upgraded to jQuery 1.4.2
    +	updated App::Prove::Plugin::HTML to simplify cmdline usage to the
	extent possible.
    +	fixed RT #41457 & RT #49621: applied Neil Hemingway, Tim Esselens, and
    	Panu Ervamaa's patches, and got everything working.  This addresses:
	    +	small changes to the top-left corner menu (default_report.css)
		to render it corretly with Firefox 3 (Linux)
	    +	inline_js fix
	    +	added support for force_inline_js (not on by default, including
		jQuery inline causes errors)
	    +	fixed bug in handling of parse_errors in
	    +	fixed bug: nothing happens when I click on the test output.
	    +	XHTML support
    +	fixed bug: click on summary changes location
    +	fixed 2 minor javascript bugs where '#' was being used as a jQuery id ref
    +	added new feature: column sorting via Christian Bach's jquery.tablesorter
	plugin (bundled from optional.
    +	added new feature: up to top of test when the test filename is no longer

    +	applied Steffen Schwigon's patch to display YAML TAP as
	pre-formatted text.
    +	fixed RT #43871: missing dep on File::Temp 0.17
	[reported by Paddy Newman]
    +	fixed RT #37983: CSS and JS Paths on Win32 get mangled
	and documented solution. [reported by Chris Davaz]
    +	wrote some selenium tests, finally.  found & fixed small bug where
	a test's html_id wasn't being set.
    +	fixed RT #48296: pod for js_uris mentions styles, not scripts
	[reported by Slaven Rezić]
    +	started on RT #41457: only got "incline_js" fixed
	[reported by Neil Hemingway]

    +	you can now specify an output file for the HTML to be written to!
    +	you can now set some config params using environment vars. this should
	make it easier to configure without having to write custom code.
    +	started writing an App::Prove plugin
    +	fixed RT #40306: Typo in TAP::Formatter::HTML (incline_js)
	(also reported by Nathan S. Watson-Haigh)
    +	applied patch from Michael Hendricks (who's work on this was sponsored
	by Grant Street Group) for a bug he & others identified:
	If tests are aggregated in multiple phases (per,
	... the HTML output shows only the results from the final phase.
    +	finally wrote some more tests, though selenium tests still not done
    +	fixed RT #41411: fails on empty directory
    *	started using IO::* modules for stdout & output_fh

    +	fixed RT #37019: tempdir without cleanup [reported by Steffen Schwigon]

    +	fixed width issue: test files with hundreds of tests were causing
	uncontrollable width in summary, making the report pretty annoying
	to read.
    +	added toggle to display all / failed tests [requested by Alex Monney]
    +	highlight failed test file names
    +	reduced the size of generated HTML by a further ~10-35% (depending on
	the number of tests you run):
	  * set test title on mouse-over so it's included only once
    *	moved inline JS out of default_report.tt2 to its own file that is
	included by default.
    *	split css into 'page' & 'report' for ease of user maintainability.
	[requested by Steffen Schwigon]
    +	fixed bug: % passed on test file != % ok, was really confusing people.
	[requested by Wolfram Pfeiffer]
    *	upgraded to jquery-1.2.6

    +	reduced the size of the generated HTML (by 25% on avg for my tests):
	  * added 'minify' option to strip leading tabs
	  * used short css class names
	  * used numeric html id's
	  * got rid of some other unnecessary whitespace

    +	updated deps in Build.PL (again, *sigh*)

    +	updated deps in Build.PL
    +	wrote more docs, fixed a few errors & omissions
    -	removed bin/runtests_html (it was added before I found out about 'prove')

    +	created Thurs May 14 2008