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Changes for version 0.07 - 2015-11-12

  • Inline C code moved to `Systemd::Daemon::XS`. `Systemd::Daemon::Stub` introduced. `Systemd::Daemon` loads XS code, in case of trouble can fall back to stub.
  • **Incompatible change:** Constants are reimplemented, now they are read-only variables created with `Readonly` module.
  • `notify` function: `FDSTORE` argument normalized.
  • If `systemd` library is not found on target system, installation aborts.
  • Required Perl version lowered by dropping `use feature 'state';` and `/r` regexp modifier.
  • Test `05-notify.t` skipped if `systemctl` program is not found in `PATH`.
  • Test `05-notify.t` is skipped if `systemd` is older than 217: `systemd` reads user units from `$XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/systemd/user` directory starting from version 217.
  • POD reworked not to use full function declaration in section headings. Now headings are just function names, while full function declarations are in the section body.
  • Short license notice used in documentation.


Write systemd-aware daemons in Perl
Stubs for Systemd::Daemon
Perl bindings to libsystemd.