Revision history for Sys-Syslog

0.36 -- 2019-10-22 -- Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - RT #127454 / GitHub PR #8: Intermittent failures on OpenBSD and other
    platforms (Jim Keenan).

0.35 -- 2016-09-01 -- Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - CPAN RT #116543: CVE-2016-1238: avoid loading optional modules from
    default . (Tony Cook). Patch rewrote to no longer depend upon @INC.

  - openlog() options: mention the version of Sys::Syslog they were added.
  - Update HISTORY.
  - Update some broken links.

  - Converted the Changes file to CPAN::Changes::Spec format.
  - Improved a bit the readability of the ticket numbers.

  - GitHub PR #4: use lexical instead of global filehandles (Alex Balhatchet).

0.34 -- 2016-05-06 -- Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - CPAN RT #105117: use %e where available, fall back to %d and a regexp
    where not (Markus Laker).
  - CPAN RT #105152: the noeol option was ignored (Markus Laker).
  - CPAN RT #98446: trailing new line with perror (Alexander Bluhm).
  - CPAN RT #90538: facility from openlog() is not used (Anton Yuzhaninov).

  - CPAN RT #104710: loadable library and perl binaries are mismatched,
    because of missing CCFLAGS (CHORNY, KMX).
  - No longer inheriting from Exporter doesn't work before Perl 5.8.3.
  - CPAN RT #90212: Support non-Windows platforms where syslog.h is not
    defined (Brian Fraser).
  - CPAN RT #90224: setlocale() is not available everywhere, for example on
    Android (Brian Fraser).
  - CPAN RT #90218: getproto*() and getserv*() functions are not available
    everywhere (Brian Fraser).

  - CPAN RT #102058: mention the repository in the documentation.

0.33 -- 2013-05-24 -- Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - CPAN RT #82531: Invalid usage of POSIX::_exit (Alexander Berger).

  - No longer inherit from Exporter.
  - Load Fcntl only when necessary.

  - Add links to other logging modules.
  - CPAN RT #80398: Typo spotted by
  - Typo spotted by David Steinbrunner.

  - CPAN RT #79683: Added delays in t/facilities-routing.t (Jerome Quelin).

0.32 -- 2012-09-14 -- Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - CPAN RT #69040: Don't modify @_ in syslog().
  - Restore compatibility with Perl 5.6.0.

  - Perl RT #81858: Fix some spelling errors (Peter J. Acklam).

0.31 -- 2012-08-18 -- Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - Level 'emerg' could not be used since v0.29.
  - Setting a message facility with syslog() was broken since v0.29
    (Noel Butler).
  - CPAN RT #69992: Make setlogsock() only use the requested mechanism,
    restoring way it worked in v0.27 and before (Niko Tyni).
  - CPAN RT #69986: setlogsock() doesn't return undef on failure (Niko Tyni).
  - CPAN RT #69997: Use the default UDP socket timeout on GNU/kFreeBSD as well,
    and lower it to a more sensible value (Niko Tyni).
  - CPAN RT #75827: syslog() logging everything regardless of log mask when
    using using numeric LOG_* macros (Bryan Thale).

  - Don't highlight "the Rules of Sys::Syslog" from the Description.

  - Added t/facilities-routing.t

  - Add meta-information in Makefile.PL

0.30 -- 2012-08-15 -- Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - CPAN RT #69310: Avoid a POSIX::strftime issue on Windows (Michael Ludwig).
  - CPAN RT #77577: Build on Haiku-OS (Tony Cook).
  - CPAN RT #77578: Silence a compilation warning (Tony Cook).
  - CPAN RT #78044: Don't call getservbyname() when the port is specified
    (Chan Wilson).

  - t/syslog.t no longer needs to chdir under PERL_CORE.

0.29 -- 2011-04-18 -- Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER) #PerlQA2011

  - CPAN RT #55215: Sys::Syslog might call exit which triggers DESTROY
    (Alexander Berger).
  - CPAN RT #55151: Allow temporary facility with native mechanism (Tim Jenkins).
  - CPAN RT #50928: Convert Win32 files to Unix EOLs (Steve Hay).
  - CPAN RT #50534: Unwanted space at the end of syslog message
    (Eugene V. Lyubimkin).
  - CPAN RT #49877: Options not reset after closelog() (Herbert Brezina).
  - CPAN RT #48386: Add Win32::EventLog as a prerequisite (kmx and Laurent Dami).

  [New features]
  - CPAN RT #50534: Added options noeol and nonul.

  - Set INSTALLDIRS to "site" when installed on Perl 5.11+

0.28 -- 2011-04-16 -- Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER) #PerlQA2011

  - CPAN RT #56084: Reset connection tracking vars (Vladimir Marek).
  - CPAN RT #56826: Avoid memory corruption when closelog() is called twice
    (Andreas Jaekel).
  - CPAN RT #64287: Make strftime() Windows-compatible (Dave Stafford).

  [New features]
  - New API for setlogsock(), in order to allow the setting of new options.
    Thanks to Jake Scott for the idea.

  - CPAN RT #44410: Provide fallback macros in Syslog.xs in order to compile
    on Novell Netware.

  [Internal changes]
  - Modify can_load() so it can print the warnings if desired.

  - In blead, the distribution was moved from ext/Sys/Syslog to ext/Sys-Syslog.
    t/constants.t had to be fixed (Vincent Pit).
  - CPAN RT #53317: In core, Sys-Syslog was moved to cpan/, thus making
    t/constants.t unable to find macros.all (David Mitchell).
  - CPAN RT #64716: Skip t/data-validation.t if the available version of
    POE::Component::Server::Syslog is too old.

  - Bleadperl no longer require an empty MAN3PODS (Nicholas Clark).
  - Removed unneeded modules in Makefile.PL (Nicholas Clark).

  - Recreated Sys::Syslog history from the unified git repository.
  - Added a section to list the matching Perl and Sys::Syslog version.
  - CPAN RT #49859: Removed a dead link (Leon Brocard).

0.27 -- 2008-09-21 -- Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - Fixed compilation on Win32, thanks to Serguei Trouchelle. Also added
    stubs so calling the XS functions will never fail.

  - t/pod.t now also uses Pod::Checker.

0.26 -- 2008-06-16 -- Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - Make Sys::Syslog works with Perl 5.10.0 (because of 

  [Internal changes]
  - setlogsock() is now a little more strict about its arguments.

0.25 -- 2008-05-17 -- Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - CPAN RT #34691: Fixed an incorrect call to sysopen() which prevented
    Sys::Syslog from working on some Solaris systems. Thanks to Paul Townsend. 
  - CPAN RT #34753: Fixed a slowness introduced in v0.19 (which was to work
    around OSX syslog own slowness). Thanks to Alex Efros.
  - CPAN RT #35952: Fixed a bug with the "nofatal" option.
  - CPAN RT #35189: Fixed a bug in xlate().
  - Fixed build on Win32, thanks to Adam Kennedy.

  [New features]
  - setlogsock() now interprets the second argument as the hostname for
    network mechanisms.

  - Improved t/pod.t with Pod::Checker.

  - Add AUTHOR to WriteMakefile() in order to fix the META.yml generated
    by ExtUtils::MakeMaker.

0.24 -- 2007-12-31 -- Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - CPANT RT #32001: Skip the setlogsock('stream') tests when /dev/log is
    unavailable (Brendan O'Dea).

0.23 -- 2007-11-12 -- Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - Fixed a too liberal test in the "pipe" mechanism, thanks to Jan Dubois.

  - Better handling of Perl 5.005, thanks to CPAN Tester Slaven Rezic.

  - fallback/syslog.h was missing from MANIFEST (thanks to CPAN Tester
    Matthew Musgrove).

0.22 -- 2007-11-08 -- Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - CPAN RT #29875: Added workaround SpamAssassin overzealous logging features.

  [New features]
  - Added support for PERROR option.
  - Support for SYSLOG on z/OS, thanks to Chun Bing Ge.

  [Internal changes]
  - Prevent $@ from being visible outside the module, in trying to address
    the problem reported in CPAN RT #29875.

  - CPAN RT #29451: Add Copyright notice. Thanks to Allison Randal for her
  - New speaking about Win32 API instead of Win32 operating system.

0.21 -- 2007-09-14 -- Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - setlogsock(eventlog) returned true even when it shouldn't have.
  - CPAN RT #24431: Added workaround for Mac OS X syslogd.

  [New features]
  - Added "pipe" mechanism in order to support HP-UX named pipe. Thanks
    to H.Merijn Brand and PROCURA.

  [Internal changes]
  - Sys::Syslog works again on Perl 5.005, thanks to Nicholas Clark.

0.20 -- 2007-09-05 -- Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - Added README.win32 which was missing in MANIFEST.

0.19 -- 2007-09-05 -- Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - CPAN RT #20635: Fix tests to avoid problems related to the "stream"
    mechanism which occured on Debian and Cygwin.
  - CPAN RT #20780: Facility could not be temporarily changed. Also fixes
    the syslog() before openlog() bug.
  - CPAN RT #21333: Makefile.PL now creates a typemap for Perl 5.6.1
  - CPAN RT #21516: disconnect_log() now correctly calls closelog_xs().
  - CPAN RT #21866: Silence warnings in openlog().
  - CPAN RT #25488: Silence warnings in disconnect_log().  via syslog().
  - Rewrote the constants generation code in order to provide fallback value
    for non-standard macros.
  - Mark Blackman and Edmund von der Burg identified and fixed the random
    failures appearing on OSX, caused by a UDP timeout.

  [New features]
  - Added Win32 event log support thanks to Yves Orton.
  - Added new macros from modern BSD and IRIX.
  - Each non-standard macro now fall backs to a standard macro.

  [Internal changes]
  - Merged changes from Jerry D. Hedden to use ppport.h only when not built
    from core distribution (blead@30657).

  - t/syslog.t now generates a more detailed TAP output.
  - Merged change blead@29176: suppress taint mode from t/constants.t
  - Added regression tests for CPAN RT #21866 and #25488.

  - CPAN RT #26097: man pages were not installed.
  - Added the Sys::Syslog Rules.
  - Added example script eg/

0.18 -- 2006-08-28 -- Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - Rewrote the way the default identifiant is constructed.

  - CPAN RT #20946: Removed the console mechanism from the main test loop
    because writing to the console hangs on several systems.

  - Added a note discouraging the use of setlogsock().

0.17 -- 2006-07-23 -- Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - CPAN RT #20622, #20164: Fixed path handling in connect_unix().

  [Internal changes]
  - Renamed some variables ($that is not a valid name), and removed some
    dead code. 
  - Actually added the macros from Mac OS X that were announced in the 0.14

  - CPAN RT #20545: Rewrote the documentation about setlogsock().

0.16 -- 2006-06-20 -- Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - Perl RT #20557: Save errno before trying to connect.

  [New features]
  - Perl RT #35406: Applied the patch proposed by Keisuke Hirata for a more
    lax handling of "stream" or "unix" path.
  - Now try the "native" mechanism first.

  - Silence warnings generated by t/syslog.t in Perl 5.8.8 and later.

  - Added documentation about the "native" mechanism.
  - Now indicates whether tickets are from CPAN or Perl RT.

0.15 -- 2006-06-10 -- Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  [New features]
  - CPAN RT #17316: Added a "nofatal" option to openlog().
  - Sys::Syslog warnings can now be controlled by the warnings category
    of the same name.
  - Added support for using the native C syslog(3) functions.

  [Internal changes]
  - Removed most "our" variables.
  - Improved readability by removing cargo-cult brackets and parentheses.

0.14 -- 2006-05-25 -- Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - CPAN RT #19259, #17518: Now allowing all levels and facilities.

  [Internal changes]
  - Removed useless "&".
  - Improved readability by adding empty lines and reworking the code
    here and there.
  - Added new macros from Mac OS X.

  - Added more tests in order to increase coverage.

  - CPAN RT #19085: Corrected errors in the documentation for setlogmask().
  - Added several links to online manual pages, RFCs and articles.
  - Corrected minor things in Changes.

0.13 -- 2006-01-11 -- Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  [Internal changes]
  - Applied Gisle Aas' patch for a better handling of error messages,
    then optimized it. 
  - Merged blead@26768: If getservbyname fails tell what service the lookup
    attempt tried to use.
  - Merged blead@26769: suppress Sys::Hostname usage and directly use
  - Merged blead@26772: $host needs to stay in case the user sets it.
  - Merged blead@26773: check that $syslog_path is a socket.

  - CPAN RT #16980: Sys::Syslog blows up rather spectacularly on Solaris.
    Corrected by previous patches. 
  - CPAN RT #16974: Failed test in t/podspell. This test is now skipped.

0.12 -- 2006-01-07 -- Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - Added a link to an article about Sys::Syslog.

  - Merged some modifications from bleadperl.
  - Removed optional dependency on Test::Exception.
  - Improved t/constant.t
  - Rewrote t/constants.t because future versions of ExtUtils::Constant
    will prevent the constant() function from being directly called.

0.11 -- 2005-12-28 -- Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - setlogmask() now behaves like its C counterpart.

  [New features]
  - Can now export and use the macros. 
  - Support for three Exporter tags.
  - XSLoader is now optional.

  [Internal changes]
  - No longer "use"s Sys::Hostname as it was "require"d where needed.
  - CPAN RT #16604: Use local timestamp.

  - Merged blead@26343: Fix realclean target.

  - Improved documentation.

  - Added more tests to t/syslog.t in order to increase code coverage.

0.10 -- 2005-12-08 -- Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - Improved documentation.

  - Added -T to t/syslog.t
  - Added t/constants.t to check the macros.
  - Added t/distchk.t, t/podspell.t, t/podcover.t, t/portfs.t

0.09 -- 2005-12-06 -- Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (SAPER)

  - Escape percent signs in error message when interpolating %m
    (Ronald J. Kimball).

  [Internal changes]
  - Now setlogsock() really croak(), as documented.

  - CPANized from blead@26281.
  - Modified Makefile.PL so that ExtUtils::Constant is conditionally used,
    with a fallback in the case it's not available.
  - Bumped version to 0.09

  - Added support and license information.

  - Rewrote and ported t/syslog.t to Test::More

0.08 -- 2005-12-03

  [New features]
  - syslog() can now accept a message without printf() escapes and arguments
    (Gisle Aas).

  - Document that openlog() might die (Rafael Garcia-Suarez).

0.07 -- 2005-06-27

  [Internal changes]
  - Use XSLoader instead of DynaLoader (Alexey Tourbin).

  - Shows the correct way to use syslog() (Dave Mitchell).

0.06 -- 2004-12-14

  [New features]
  - Allow escaping %m as %%m in Sys::Syslog format strings (Rafael
    Garcia-Suarez, suggested by Joshua Richardson and Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes).

  [Internal changes]
  - Make Sys::Syslog stricture-compliant (Rafael Garcia-Suarez).

  - Document $Sys::Syslog::host (Jay Hannah).

0.05 -- 2004-04-06

  [New features]
  - IRIX wants setlogsock("stream") (Jarkko Hietaniemi).
  - Allow syslog() to use numeric constants in addition to strings for
    facility names and priorities (Jim Schneider ).

  - Remind users to always use openlog() (Jarkko Hietaniemi).

0.04 -- 2003-08-13

  - Do not use "udp" on some platforms (Slaven Rezic).
  - Perl RT #18180: Fixed a problem with Sys:Syslog on Solaris 8 with
    perl 5.8.0 (Joost van Baal).
  - Fixed some warnings (Jarkko Hietaniemi).
  - Better error messages (Jari Aalto).

0.03 -- 2002-03-23

  - Fixed copious warnings from Sys::Syslog (Andreas K├Ânig).

  [New features]
  - Failover to different communication modes by Nick Williams.

0.02 -- 2001-06-04

  - /dev/console may not be writable in (Ask Bjoern Hansen).
  - Fixed for accidental arguments to autoloaded constants (Gurusamy Sarathy).
  - Make _PATH_LOG() return "" if not available (Gurusamy Sarathy).
  - Forked child may not exit correctly if it failed to open /dev/console
    (Graham Barr).
  - More checking in case someone has broken their services or protocol
    databases (Robert Spier).
  - xlate() doesn't handle LOG_EMERG (Mark J. Reed).

  [Internal changes]
  - Code for constant()s regenerated by Nicholas Clark.

  - Added syslog.t to check if Sys::Syslog works (Tom Hughes).

0.01 -- 2000-02-04 -- Gurusamy Sarathy

  [New features]
  - Sys::Syslog now uses XSUBs to access facilities from syslog.h so it no
    longer requires to exist. Thanks to Tom Hughes. As a consequence,
    Sys::Syslog moved from lib/ to ext/.

perl 5.004_03 -- 1997-09-05 -- Tim Bunce

  - Handle missing _PATH_LOG (Ulrich Pfeifer).

perl 5.004_02 -- 1997-08-07 -- Tim Bunce

  [New features]
  - UNIX domain sockets support, by Sean Robinson and Tim Bunce.

perl 5.004_01 -- 1997-06-11 -- Tim Bunce

  - Allows FQDN (even allowing "_").

perl 5.004 -- 1997-05-15 -- Chip Salzenberg

  - Fixed $whoami calulation (Marc Rouleau).
  - Allows hyphens in hostnames (Jerome Abela).

perl 5.003_01 -- 1996-06-18 -- Charles Bailey

  [Internal changes]
  - Moved call to hostname() into connect() function, and eliminated domain

  - Correct documentation for calling sequence of syslog() function.

perl 5.002_01 -- 1996-03-25 -- Charles Bailey

  [Internal changes]
  - Use Sys::Hostname::hostname() only when necessary.

perl 5.002 -- 1996-02-29 -- Larry Wall

  [Internal changes]
  - Use constants from (Andy Dougherty).
  - Connect to the name given by Sys::Hostname::hostname() instead of
    "localhost" (Andy Dougherty).

  - Added documentation, thanks to Hallvard B Furuseth.

perl 5.000 -- 1994-10-17 -- Larry Wall

  - Converted from lib/ to lib/Sys/