Revision history for Sub::Quote

2.006008 - 2023-01-20
  - drop Test::Fatal prereq
  - recommend Sub::Util rather than Sub::Name
  - use XString for quoting strings where possible
  - move tests for quotify on perl 5.6 to author only

2.006_007 - 2022-04-05
  - accurately detect numbers vs strings in quotify on perl 5.36
  - accurately detect booleans in quotify on perl 5.36
  - add workaround for float formatting for perls compiled to use gcvd

2.006006 - 2019-10-01
  - change quotify to use longest form of floating point numbers if unable to
    find a perfectly accurate representation
  - updated documentation for quotify to reflect handling of floating point
  - don't try to copy hints hash entries that look like references (RT#122698)

2.006_005 - 2019-09-06
  - additional fixes for quotify for floating point numbers to be faster and
    should always be able to maintain accuracy

2.006_004 - 2019-04-24
  - change quotify of NaNs to simpler calculation
  - avoid ever triggering exceptions when testing for quotify on false values
  - skip quotify Inf and NaN tests if perl is compiled without support for
  - fix quotify of very large or very small numbers
  - fix accuracy of quotify on high precision numbers when perl is compiled
    with quadmath
  - quotify will use hex floats when needed for full accuracy if they are
  - change tests of quotify for floating point numbers to allow a small amount
    of inaccuracy, since decimal floats can't always be accurate

2.006003 - 2019-03-10
  - releasing as stable

2.006_002 - 2019-01-29
  - Fix quotifying of backslashes in utf8-flagged strings on perl 5.10.0.

2.006_001 - 2019-01-07
  - avoid warnings or failures on new perls when testing quoting UTF-8 strings
  - test quotify output under utf8 pragma
  - fix quoting of negative NaN

2.006_000 - 2018-12-29
  - don't test threads behavior on perl < 5.8.5, since they are too unstable
  - more tests
  - preserve inf, nan, and false in quotify
  - improve accuracy of quotified floating point numbers
  - SUB_QUOTE_DEBUG can now be set to sub names, package names, or a regex to
    match against the code to filter which generated subs are printed to STDERR.

2.005001 - 2018-04-20
  - add a workaround for test failures on early 5.8 releases with threads

2.005000 - 2018-02-06
  - fixed defer_info and undefer_sub from returning data for a deferred sub
    after it expires, even if the ref address matches
  - fixed defer_info not returning info for undeferred unnamed subs after the
    deferred sub expires
  - include options in defer_info return data
  - exclude internals from defer_info return data
  - document defer_info function
  - encode all utf8 flagged scalars as strings, since they generally will
    always have originated as strings.  Avoids future warning on bitwise ops
    on strings with wide characters.
  - more thorough check for threads availability to avoid needless test
  - added file and line options to quote_sub to allow specifying apparent
    source location.
  - documented additional options to Sub::Defer::defer_sub and

2.004000 - 2017-06-07
  - more extensive quotify tests
  - split tests into separate files
  - propagate package to deferred subs, even if unnamed
  - reject invalid attributes
  - include line numbers compile errors (PR#1, djerius)

2.003001 - 2016-12-09
  - fix use of Sub::Name

2.003000 - 2016-12-09
  - Sub::Quote and Sub::Defer have been split out of Moo.
  - For old history see: