Revision history for Sub-Name

0.27      2023-04-29 12:32:26Z
    - skip quote-separator tests on newer perls that deprecate this behaviour

0.26      2019-10-05 22:23:12Z
    - no changes since 0.25

0.25      2018-04-21 14:38:45Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
    - fix "Undefined symbol "DPPP_my_croak_xs_usage"" error on some perls

0.24      2018-04-21 08:15:30Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
    - small internal changes to bring implementation in line with changes to
      Sub::Util (Graham Knop)

0.23      2016-10-23 04:33:37Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
    - test for renaming lexical subs, which should work on perl 5.22+. (PR#10,
      Graham Knop)

0.22      2016-10-17 01:41:42Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
    - %DB::sub is now populated correctly for sub names with wide characters
      or nulls. (PR#9: Graham Knop, Leon Timmermans, Reini Urban)
    - better perl 5.6 compatibility by lowering prereqs of core modules

0.21      2016-10-02 05:00:12Z
    - no change since 0.20

0.20      2016-09-11 00:33:10Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
    - fix occasional segmentation fault on OpenBSD when malloc randomization
      causes nameptr to be at the beginning of the page (RT#117072, Alexander

0.19      2016-08-18 18:52:33Z
    - fix checking of SvUTF8 flag

0.18      2016-08-16 01:07:54Z
    - no changes since 0.17

0.17      2016-06-27 22:45:27Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
    - fixed parsing error where the name contains a single colon but the last
      separator is :: (Leon Timmermans)

0.16      2016-06-21 03:41:40Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
    - support binary and unicode symbol names (Leon Timmermans, Aristotle
      Pagaltzis, Peter Rabbitson, Reini Urban, PR#8)

0.15      2016-03-15 22:17:38Z
    - fix uninitialized warning in test on perls < 5.8.6 (RT#104510)
    - repository moved to the github p5sagit organization (the primary is on
      shadowcat, mirrored to github)

0.14      2015-04-24 03:26:54Z
    - remove mandatory dependencies for optional test
    - mark the test with B::C as TODO, as it seems to fail frequently and
      should not block normal installations

0.13      2015-03-28 06:27:23Z
    - fix optional test of interaction with B::C that sometimes invalidly

0.12      2014-09-04 07:28:59Z
    - fix licence in LICENSE and pod

0.11      2014-08-20 04:44:25Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
    - move variable declaration to fix warning under
      -Werror=declaration-after-statement, to allow compilation under MSVC
      (J.R.Mash, github #3)

0.10      2014-08-16 00:46:35Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
    - converted distribution packaging to Dist::Zilla

0.09      2014-08-09
    - Copy the contents of the %DB::sub entry if it exists; fixes
      Devel::NYTProf's anon sub handling (RT#50524, ilmari)

0.08      2014-08-04
    - Fix leak when setting a fully-qualified name (ilmari, github#1)

0.07      2014-07-11
    - skip optional test if B::C 1.48 is not installed (Reini Urban)

0.06      2014-07-10
    - Do not change the string arg in XS, use copy instead. Fixes perlcc -O3
      RT#96893 (Reini Urban)
    - add README make target
    - add more distribution metadata

0.05      2010-09-07 22:51:00Z
    - Stop using the padlist to refcount GVs. Instead use regular magic. This
      allows various modules, including B::Deparse, to safely peek into pads of
      (re)named subs (Closes RT#42725) (Goro Fuji).
    - Support perl >= 5.13.3 by using the new CvGV_set interface there
      (Closes RT#59558).
    - Stop using the deprecated PL_no_symref (Closes RT#57843).

0.04      2008-07-18 13:23:00Z
    - Fixed for perl 5.6 and 5.005 threads (tested)

0.03      2008-02-20 19:19:00Z
    - Fixed crash when trying to rename xsubs
    - As a side-effect, should work with 5.005 threads (untested)

0.02      2004-08-18 17:51:00Z
    - Fixed documentation, which erroneously mentioned the existence of
      two exported functions.