Statocles::Help::Upgrading - A guide to pitfalls when upgrading Statocles


version 0.098


This document describes deprecated features and other pitfalls to encounter when upgrading Statocles.



site "index" property should be absolute path to index page (got "%s")

The site object "index" property used to be the name of the application that should be used as the index. For this to work, applications need to say which of their pages should be the site index, which they did by putting that page first in the list of pages returned. This was magic, and prone to breakage. It also doesn't allow the site author to choose any page they want as the site index.

To fix this, set the site's "index" property to the path to the page you want to be the index page, including the leading slash.

See the docs for the index property of the Site object for more information.

Deprecated in v0.051. Fatal in v1.000. Exception removed in v2.000.

Thanks to Kyle Sheely for the idea.

Statocles::Store::File is deprecated

Statocles::Store::File was created in anticipation of making other Store objects like MongoDB or Hadoop. But, having it merely complicates the API without actually changing whether other Stores could be created (apparently I forgot that polymorphism exists).

Since the likelihood of those other Stores is low, and since having only one Statocles::Store doesn't prevent making a Statocles::Store::MongoDB or Statocles::Store::Custom class, it's better to remove this complexity before v1.000

The shim module that remains in place will be removed in v1.000.

Statocles::Store->write_document returning a value is deprecated

The write_document method for Statocles::Store used to return the full path to the document written. This was for display purposes only, as developers should be using the store object to deal with the filesystem. It was thought that this would provide encapsulation, but that was misguided at best.

With Statocles::Store::File removed, there's no need for a write method to return anything. Now, write_document and write_file work the same.

This method was removed in 0.100.

Statocles::App::Plain has been renamed to Statocles::App::Basic

The name "Plain" did not really explain well what the app was. The name "Basic" implies that it is the base functionality for Statocles apps.

Simply switching your existing Plain apps to Basic apps will solve this problem with no change to functionality.

The Plain app stub will be removed in v2.000.

Statocles::App::Static has been replaced by Statocles::App::Basic

Since every application now has the ability to copy static files, there's no real reason to have an app specifically for static files. To host static files without bells and whistles, the Basic app can be used.

The Static app will be removed in v2.000.

The tzoffset shim method will be removed in Statocles version 2.0.

In order to allow documents dated before 1900, Statocles is now using a different date/time library, DateTime::Moonpig. This new library is mostly compatible, except for the the tzoffset method, which is used by the RSS feed because it uses the RFC822 date format.

Statocles adds a shim method that replicates the functionality, but it is a better idea to fix your templates to use the correct method.

To fix this, copy the blog/index.rss.ep template from the default theme, or change $p->date->tzoffset / 36 in the pubDate tag to $p->date->offset / 3600.

Deprecated in v0.070. Will be removed in v2.000.

Invalid data attribute in document

As the first place we added the data attribute, Statocles::Document objects always allowed any kind of data to be put there. Later, when we added data attributes to the site, theme, app, and page objects, we only allowed hashes.

To make things consistent, and since allowing arrays and plain strings as the data doesn't really gain anything.

To fix this, make your string or array a key in your data hash:

    # old
        - 1
        - 2
        - 3

    # new
            - 1
            - 2
            - 3

    # old
    data: foo

    # new
        variable_name: foo

Deprecated in v0.075. Will be removed in v2.000.

Using default layout "site/layout.html.ep" is deprecated

The old default layout was located in the site directory of the theme. This worked when there was only one default layout, but now there are multiple. So, the layouts were moved to their own directory: layout. The default layout is now layout/default.html.ep.

To fix this, either move your current site/layout.html.ep to layout/default.html.ep, or explicitly override the default layout in your site config:

            # ...
                layout.html: site/layout.html

Deprecated in v0.75. Will be removed in v2.000.



Perldoc application paths have changed

The Perldoc app now creates directories so that documentation paths no longer need a .html at the end.

    /pod/Statocles/App.html -> /pod/Statocles/App

The documentation page path now ends with /index.html, and the source page is in the same directory and named /source.html.

This change was made to make the URLs look nicer, but also to hopefully allow for extra documentation collateral in the future, like images and diagrams.



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