Revision history for Perl extension Statistics::R.

0.34  2015-10-19
    - Fixed obscure issue in DESTROY (reported by Pär Larsson, RT #107246)

0.33  2014-08-28
    - Better way to set large arrays (patch by Ken Yamaguchi, RT #97359)
    - Properly handle the quit() command (reported by tecolo, Github #5)
    - Prefer using the 'bin' constructor instead of 'r_bin'
    - Method version() to get the version of R
    - Better handling of R internationalization

0.32  2013-12-18 
    - Fixed POD error (reported by Srividya Vaidyanathan, RT #91438)

0.31  2013-02-07
    - Simplification and speedup of communications with R
    - Handle multiple locales when looking for errors (patch by Jean Véronis and
      Brian Cassidy)

0.30  2012-11-15
    - Skip tests that hang on Windows (thanks Clifford Sobchuk and Gisbert W.
      Selke, RT #77761)
    - Automatically destroy the R bridge when Statistics::R goes out of scope
      (unless running in shared mode)

0.29  2012-11-07
    - Fixed cross-platform filename problem in run_from_file (thanks Clifford
      Sobchuk, RT #77761)

0.28  2012-11-06
    - Fixed packaging issue by repackaging with Module::Install version 1.06
    - Fixed character causing failure of POD test

0.27  2012-03-22
    - Better handling of R line length limits
    - Better quoting of strings passed to R
    - Optimizations
0.26  2012-01-28
    - Support more R installation paths in Windows (patch by Adam Kennedy)

0.25  2011-12-21
    - Fixed a bug in the get() method (reported by Manuel A. Alonso Tarajano,
      patched by Brian Cassidy)

0.24  2011-11-09
    - Require Text::Balanced >= 0.97 to prevent bad surprises (reported by Ryan

0.23  2011-10-28
    - Arrays of number-containing strings are now handled properly (RT bug 
      #71988, patch by dheiman)

0.22  2011-10-09
    - The run() method now accepts an array of strings as input
    - New run_from_file() method to read and execute commands from an R file
    - Better detection of R errors by using the R exception system (issue
      reported by Mike Imelfort)
    - Updated error handling mechanism to detect R syntax errors in addition
      to R runtime errors
    - Tests now work for different locales (issue reported by Knut Behrends)

0.21  2011-09-04
    - Tweaked the regular expressions that parse the R output stream for added
      speed and robustness

0.20  2011-08-31
    - Refactored the entire R communication bridge to avoid writing and reading
      files. All data is now stored in memory and passed by pipes. This fixes
      bug RT #11309, #11918, #66190 and #70314
    - Refactored the communications in shared mode
    - Put platform-specific code and legacy code in separate modules

0.10  2011-08-27  
    - Refactoring to remove old code doing platform-specific operations.
    - Lots of code cleanup
    - Removed the now useless r_dir and tmp_dir options of new()
    - Fix for change of dir bug (RT #6724). Also fixes missing synopsis file (RT
    - More subtle cleanup procedure (RT #70392)

0.09  2011-08-23 
    - Changes in the new() method:
       * it automatically calls start()
       * it has the 'shared' option to start a shared bridge
    - More portable filenames (RT #70391)
    - Added convenience methods:
       * run() replaces send() and read() and checks for errors (RT #70361)
       * get() fetches the values in an R vector (RT #70361)
       * set() assigns values to an R vector
    - Fixed a bug in the unlock() method
    - Removed the R() and error() methods and renamed some other. These changes
      should be transparent and backward compatible
    - Maintenance: many more unit tests, synopsis clarification, POD work, script
      touchups, small code cleanups, version numbering, better README generation,
      Git and bug tracker URLs

0.08  2011-03-01
    - Pass options in new() to Statistics::R::Bridge constructor (RT #63906)

0.07  2010-11-08
    - Tidy up SYNOPSIS (RT #62776)
    - Fix undef warning on Win32 (RT #62776)
    - Fix is_started() method (RT #62776)

0.06  2010-09-17
    - Fix error() when used as an accessor (RT #61335)
    - Silence DESTROY() when R is not found
    - Fix "uninitialized value" warning in read_processR() (RT #61414)

0.05  2010-09-13
    - Major code refactor:
      - strict + warnings wherever possible
      - Removed some layers of abstraction
      - Win32/Linux classes are now simple subs
      - Basic syntax tidying
      - POD fix, plus pod test
    - Skip tests if R is not available

0.04  2010-08-28
    - Basic code cleanup with the intention of doing major refactoring by-and-by
    - Fix the test suite

0.03  2008-08-16
    - Fixed RT Bug #23948: bug in Statistics::R 
    - Fixed --gui
      - RT Bug #17925: R --slave --vanilla --gui=none is now R --slave --vanilla --gui=X11
      - RT Bug #20515: Fwd: Delivery Status Notification (Failure)
      - RT Bug #14324: error message with recent versions of R
      We used the patch from barry.moore since it correctly identifies that we probably 
      don't want the GUI.  
    - Fixed RT Bug #17956: Win32: log_dir is not in tmp_dir by default as advertised

0.02  2004-02-23
    - Just minor changes and POD fix.

0.01  2004-01-29 23:04:46
    - original version;