Revision history for Perl module Sort::Versions

1.62 2015-12-13 NEILB
    - Fixed Hack Kampbjørn's surname -- I'd previously switched the ø to an
      upper-case Ø -- thanks to pink-mist for pointing this out.
    - Updated github repo URL after changing my github username

1.61 2015-04-29 NEILB
    - Removed spaces from function prototype for versioncmp(). RT#103810
      Kerin Millar++
    - Added [MetaJSON] so the dist will get a META.json file

1.60 2014-06-13 NEILB
    - CPAN Testers hasn't reported any failures, so my first
      non-developer release.
    - Added SEE ALSO section to doc.

1.5_01 2014-06-11 NEILB

    - Switched to Dist::Zilla, moving into lib/Sort/ in the process
      This will address RT#83016 as a side effect.
    - Specified utf-8 encoding for pod, and put Hack's surname in UTF-8.
    - Added separate COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE section in pod, in expected format.
    - Added github repo to pod.
    - Reformatted this file as per CPAN::Changes::Spec

1.5 2003-08-25 EDAVIS

    - mkdist: Changed to 'mkdist' written in Perl; now checks version

    - Makefile.PL: Removed DISTNAME - change to Perl standard
      convention of calling the package Sort-Versions-xxx.tar.gz.
      Though I don't know quite what DISTNAME did.

    - Makefile.PL: Get the version number from rather than
      hardcoding it in Makefile.PL.

    - Removed CVS log; I'm not that keen on it, especially
      as most of the log messages were empty.

    - t/versions.t: Use Test::More (based on patch from mwj99).

    - t/versions.t: Added some more test cases and commented the
      existing tests.  I think this partly follows a patch from mwj99.

1.4 2002-03-10 EDAVIS

    - README: Some revisions and modernizing prompted by Matt's new
      version (although I didn't incorporate all his changes).

    - Updated my email address.

    - t/versions.t: Added some tests for calling versioncmp directly,
      if perl >= 5.6.

    - Made versions() deprecated, so versioncmp() is the
      routine to call.  Small code tidying.

    - t/versions.t: Run each test in package main and package Foo.

    -, t/versions.t: Applied patch from Slaven Rezic to let
      versions() work when called from a package other than main.  But
      this is not the final answer, I intend to deprecate versions() and
      move the code into versioncmp(), which has saner argument passing
      (not the magic $a and $b).

1.3 2002-01-29 EDAVIS

    - Version 1.3: patch from Hack Kampbjørn for '-' digit
      groupings as well as '.'.

    - README: Added some rather lame examples of -.

    - t/versions.t: Added some tests for - digit grouping.

1.2 2001-07-28 EDAVIS

    - t/versions.t: Whoops - got the leading-zero tests the wrong way round.

    - README: Whoops - got the leading-zero examples the wrong way
      round in the README.

    - mkdist: Modified from Lingua::Preferred to Sort::Versions.

    - Added $VERSION.

    - mkdist: Initial revision

    - t/versions.t: Added tests for leading-zero numeric comparisons.

    - Added support for numeric comparisons where one
      version number has a leading zero.

    - README: Fixed spelling mistake.