Revision history for Socket-Packet

0.11    2020-06-01
         * General update of module docs style

         * Newer Linux headers need #include <linux/sockios.h> (thanks
           Stefan Adams)

0.10    2014/01/06 17:10:58
         * Accept either EINVAL or ENOTTY as failure of siocgstamp() on STDIN

0.09    CHANGES:
         * Better Linux version test in t/13recv_len.t

0.08    CHANGES:
         * Use new ability of ExtUtils::CChecker 0.04 to look harder to find
           header files suitable for TPACKET_V2

0.07    CHANGES:
         * Support socket options:
            + PACKET_ORIGDEV
            + PACKET_RX_RING and related
         * Provide proper Perl-level access to the RX ring buffer

0.06    CHANGES:
         * Implement ->recv_unpack using ->recv_len so it yields wire packet
           length and doesn't crash with MSG_TRUNC flag

         * Fix recv_len() so it works on Perl 5.8

0.05    CHANGES:
         * Added recv_len() function and method

0.04    CHANGES:
         * Use XSLoader instead of DynaLoader
         * import Exporter::import instead of @ISAing it
         * Use ExtUtils::CChecker for build checking

         * Run fail tests against a pipe to hopefully avoid spurious packet-
           related side-effects on INET sockets

0.03    CHANGES:
         * Wrap SIOCGIFINDEX and SIOCGIFNAME to provide name <=> index lookup
         * Provided an ARP example to demonstrate packet sending
         * Better 'OS unsupported' line if ExtUtils::CBuilder is missing

0.02    CHANGES:
         * Wrap SIOCGSTAMP and SIOCGSTAMPNS to obtain packet receive timestamp
         * Created IO::Socket wrapping under the name IO::Socket::Packet

         * More robust Build.PL, includes OS capability detection

0.01    First version, released on an unsuspecting world.