0.29  2011-09-19

- Added missing prereq on Catalyst::Plugin::StackTrace.

0.28  2011-09-17

- Remove File::Next from test code. This dependency wasn't declared.

- Fix some possible failures in the tests when trying to find files in the

0.27  2011-03-06

- Really added support for ssl database connections, including a --db-ssl
  parameter to the Build.PL.

- All foreign key columns in the schema are now indexed.

- The previous release appeared to have some bad mock data for the
  schema. This release should fix that.

- Switch from Test::Exception to Test::Fatal, and add the later as a prereq.

0.26  2010-11-30

- Removed a bogus prereq on Apache2::ServerUtil.

0.25  2010-11-30

- Added a purge user feature. This will remove a user as well as everything
  they've ever contributed to the wiki, including pages, page revisions, and
  files. This is intended to make it trivially easy to remove "contributions"
  from spammers.

- Deleting all of a page's revisions now deletes the page.

0.24  2010-10-31

- Added missing test prereq for Test::Differences.

- Pages with many links to other pages ended up doing a lot of SQL queries
  (one per link). This has been refactored so that the pages for all links are
  fetched in one query, which should speed up HTML generation for pages with
  many links.

- External links in wikis which only allow members to post no longer include a
  rel="nofollow" attribute, since these wikis are presumably secure from spam.

0.23  2010-09-28

- Whenever Silki generate URIs for email or redirects, it now makes sure to
  use the domain of the current request, rather than the default domain.

0.22  2010-09-28

- Added a config option, mod_rewrite_hack, to work around brain damage in
  Apache's mod_rewrite. Turn this on if some pages cannot be resolved when
  running with Apache+mod_rewrite as a frontend proxy.

0.21  2010-09-28

- Fixed the spam checking so it displays a useful error message to the

- Allow a wiki admin to skip spam checking when submitting a page.

- Improved formatting of preformatted text in a page.

- All external links now include a rel="nofollow" attribute to discourage

- Make sure the temp dir exists before trying to use it.

0.20  2010-09-17

- Added a "forgot my password" feature.

- Restyled forms so that labels are above fields, rather than to the left.

0.19  2010-09-12

- Errors during an import were not detected properly.

- Import broke if any of the users being imported had an openid_uri.

- Fix bad image URIs for import & export page.

0.18  2010-09-12

- Purging a revision sometimes failed with a SQL error. Now this always works
  (but is slower, sigh.)

0.17  2010-09-12

- When editing a page, there is now a live preview shown below the edit form.

0.16  2010-09-07

- More layout changes. When viewing a page, tags and incoming links are on the
  far right, rather than in their own column. Search has been moved to the top
  of the page.

- The list of active users on the wiki dashboard is now sorted by the most
  recent edit of each user, and it displays the datetime of their most recent
  edit as well.

0.15  2010-09-05

- The 0.13 and 0.14 releases were missing a prereq on Archive::Tar::Wrapper.

0.14  2010-09-05

- Added a hackaround for the fact that DBD::Pg doesn't handle UTF8 data
  entirely correctly (basically, a column with a user-defined type is never
  treated as UTF8, even if the type is text-based). See
  https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=40199 in the DBD::Pg queue for

- Fixed some bugs in the conversion of HTML tables to wikitext. This code
  isn't used by Silki itself (yet), but is used by SilkiX::Converter::Kwiki.

- Some style tweaks. In particular, the upper right global nav should no
  longer interfere with the tabs in the header.

0.13  2010-09-04

- Renamed a number of files in bin, and moved some of them to dev-bin.

- Added export and import features, along with silki-export and silki-import
  scripts. This feature is also available to site admins via the web UI.

- Searching for a word with leading or trailing space caused a SQL error.

- Moved some of the wiki subnav items to the dashboard (all attachments,
  orphans, & wanted pages), since they're not all that important.

- The display of pages recently edited in their profile was broken.

- Added a revision purge feature available to wiki admins. This destroys a
  revision completely, renumbering any subsequent revisions. This is useful
  for removing spam and other bogus changes.

0.12  2010-07-22

- The mason cache directory will be deleted when Silki is installed, to ensure
  that templates are re-read.

- Several pages that linked to users did not show the user's image. Now all
  links to a user should include the user's image.

- Small improvement to diff display.

- When a search didn't find any results, the search page did not make this

0.11  2010-07-22

- The PSGI feature did not list Plack::Middleware::ReverseProxy as a prereq.

- Improved the example ubuntu init script. It no longer runs as root, and the
  pid is stored in a directory under /var/run owned by the $USER in the init
  script (www-data).

- When a user without edit permission viewed a page with no tags, the tags box
  was just empty, which looks weird.

- You can now pass --hostname to the Build.PL to pick the default web hostname
  for your Silki installation.

- Editing a user's preferences set their is_admin flag to false if the user
  doing the editing was also an admin.

- The list of all users (/users) was broken.

0.10  2010-07-20

- Silki::Manual::Admin now describes deploying Silki with Apache 2 & Starman,
  a setup I've actually been able to make work. I thought I had mod_fastcgid
  working, but I didn't.

- Added bin/silki.psgi

- Added a sample init script (which works on Ubuntu 10.04) at

- Attempting to log in with a non-existent username caused a server error. Now
  it simply returns a sane error to the user.

- Improved the layout wherever user image thumbnails are used, and added a
  default user icon to make the UI more consistent.

0.09  2010-07-16

- The migrations in previous releases were buggy. If you've migrated a schema,
  the inc/migations/fixup.sql file contains the SQL statements necessary to
  fix your schema. If you're just playing with Silki, and don't have any data
  you need to save, it might be easier to simply drop the existing schema and

- Added the ability for each user to upload an image for their profile. This
  is used in their profile, and in various places that refer to users (recent
  changes, page history, etc.)

0.08  2010-06-08

- Any page with more than two headers will now have an table of contents at
  the top of the page view.

- Added style for tables in page content (but they still overflow their parent
  container and mess up the page layout).

- We need to call TO_TSQUERY on full text queries in order to get stemming
  (and probably other tweaks) on the search terms.

- In-memory file handles were not handling unicode data correctly, which could
  lead to warnings and bad output, particularly when rendering a page's

0.07  2010-06-05

- Fixed a stupid bug that prevented logging in.

- Add a "restore this revision" button when viewing an older revision.

- Added various revision-related links at the bottom of each page
  (compare/view previous/next).

0.06  2010-06-04

- *WARNING* - Lots of database changes. Many varchar columns are now text or
  citext. What's citext? It's contrib data type for case-insensitive text,
  which means that sorts and equality are case-insensitive. Postgres 8.4 ships
  citext, but 8.3 does not. If you are running 8.3 and install citext manually
  into your contrib dir, this should work. Patches to make this all smoother
  are welcome.

  Did I mention that Silki is still alpha?

* The search code blew up on multi-word searches. Now a multi-word search is
  interpreted as requiring all the words.

* Fixed links to user profiles inside a wiki so they point to the per-wiki

* Per-wiki user profiles now show some information about the user that is
  specific to the wiki.

* When formatting a page link to another wiki's page, the links were leaking
  information by showing whether or not the page existed. Now such links
  simply show up as "Inacessible page" in the HTML output.

0.05  2010-06-03

- The attachments list for a wiki is now paged, with 50 files shown per page.

- Added paging to the orphan and wanted pages lists.

- Show the attachment count next to the Attachments link when viewing a page.

- Paging for application-wide user, wiki, and domain lists was broken.

- The wiki dashboard's active users box now just looks for activity in the
  past month. Otherwise, it has to look at all revision of all pages, which
  can be very slow.

- The site's "all users" list now defaults to showing only active users, but
  offers an option to show disabled users as well.

0.04  2010-06-01

- *WARNING* - this release contains the first database migration for Silki. If
  by some chance you actually have real data in Silki (did you not see the
  alpha warning in the docs?), make a backup first.

- Files are now attached to a page, not the wiki. This makes more sense, since
  you may want to associate a set of files with a page, yet not link to all of
  them directly from the page.

- Implemented page renaming, at both the API and UI levels.

- The revision created when adding a file to a page now has a comment, and is
  created by the system user, not the user which uploaded the file.

- Page history now shows a revision's comment, if it has one.

0.03   2010-05-31

- Doc and packaging fixes so this looks a little nicer on search.cpan.org.

0.02   2010-05-31

- Fixes a PAUSE indexing issue. I left a monkey patch in a state that was
  visible to PAUSE.

0.01   2010-05-31

- First release, still very much an alpha.