Changes for version 5.001

  • First official release of protocol 5. Better support for non standard NV types. Support for the new Perl 5.36 bools. Upgrade *Sereal::Decoder* FIRST.

Changes for version 5.000_002

  • Prerelease CPAN testing. Build fixes for quadmath and longdouble perls. Certain tests were failing with the old versions which were subtly broken on quadmath or longdouble machines. These tests are now skipped on these builds. You will not be able to fully test this platform until you install the Decoder, and then install the Encoder.

Changes for version 5.000_001

  • Prerelease CPAN testing for 5.000_000.

Changes for version 5.000_000

  • Better handling of floating point values
  • Support quadmath __float128 values as FLOAT_128.
  • Better longdouble support.
  • Add encoder option 'use_standard_double' which avoids use of LONG_DOUBLE and FLOAT_128 and forces doubles to go to the wire as DOUBLE instead. By default we use the native double for back compat.
  • Add support for YES and NO tags, to match the new booleans we have in Perl. JSON this is for you. Requires Perl 5.36.


Fast, compact, powerful binary serialization


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