Revision history for Selenium-Remote-Driver

1.49 2023-04-06 TEODESIAN
    - Fix the action type for button_up(), courtesy of Bernard Schmalhofer

1.48 2023-01-01 TEODESIAN
    - Remove usage of undocumented firefox features for passing profiles

1.47 2022-05-02 TEODESIAN
    - Add DWIM to inputs accepted by ActionChains send_keys, key_up & key_down, and add some docu

1.46 2021-12-04 TEODESIAN
    - Document the keys of WDKEYS hash in POD. Contribution by Yuki Kimoto.

1.45 2021-10-21 TEODESIAN
    - Remove ill-advised test reaching out to saucelabs at install-time, vendors are the users' problem

1.44 2021-03-26 TEODESIAN
    - Remove all usage of default profiles for Firefox when in direct binary mode.

1.43  2021-18-03 TEODESIAN
    - Remove all usage of the redefine() method in Test::MockModule, because that module is a mess to upgrade apparently
    - Tweak ENV setting in Test::* namespaces, see POD

1.42  2021-17-03 TEODESIAN
    - Once more with feeling

1.41  2021-16-03 TEODESIAN
    - Declare minimum versions in testsuite to suppress CPANTesters failures

1.40  2021-03-02 TEODESIAN
    - suppress warning in CanStartBinary when geckodriver not in PWD
    - fix double_click

1.39  2020-20-10 TEODESIAN
    - Add execute_script and execute_async_script convenience methods to WebElements.
    - Add die flag to Selenium::Waiter
    - Fix a couple more documentation issues with driver specific problems
    - Removed ide-plugin.js, as it's not been supported or working in years

1.38  2020-19-10 TEODESIAN
    -correct incorrect prior changelog date
    -fix undefined value warnings when the remote server goes out to lunch
    -add a note about doing lots of testing with the selenium JAR to POD
    -Fix other minor things about the documentation and error messages

1.37  2020-17-02 TEODESIAN
    - obey the auto_close flag in the direct drivers

1.36  2019-21-10 TEODESIAN
    - Adjust handling of chrome due to it implementing WC3 mostly correctly now
    - Fix browser detection logic in screenshot()
    - Actually apply the fix from 1.35 in the right place, heh

1.35  2019-21-10 TEODESIAN
    - Fix race condition and inability to find a port in certain circumstances when using direct driver modules.

1.34   2019-11-09 TEODESIAN
    - Remove .so files from Firefox lib tree to simplify CPAN RPM build tool chains

1.33   2019-17-06 TEODESIAN
    - Add chrome shim to disable sandboxing by default so that Selenium::Chrome usage isn't broken by default
    - Report failures to obtain sessions better

1.32   2019-12-06 TEODESIAN
    [New Features]
    - Add support for mozilla full pags screenshots
    - Fix typo in WebElement drag() talking to action chains module.  No wonder that didn't work
    - Don't auto-da-fe on Macos when shutting down the binary in direct drivers

1.31   2019-06-01 TEODESIAN
    - Kill dangling driver processes in Selenium::Chrome/Firefox on unix hosts
    - Adjust set_timeout to WC3 standard changing out from under us

1.30   2018-17-09 TEODESIAN
    - Fix broken name selector polyfill when using Selenium::Firefox directly
    - Fix switch_to_frame(undef) brokenness due to unneeded polyfill
    - Correct POD information about how to use raw firefox profiles
    - Advertise Microsoft Browser Standalone Drivers (Edge, IE)

1.29   2018-17-08 TEODESIAN
    [New Features]
    - Selenium::Edge and Test::Selenium::Edge now exist
    - Pass caller argument array as final arg to error_handler callbacks
    - Add child() and children() aliases to Selenium::Remote::WebElements
    - Fixed Test::Selenium::* direct usage modules from getting undef method errors when acting on WebElements
    - Fixed issue where capabilities could not be passed with Selenium::Firefox
    - Make it actually possible for find_element_ok to fail without dying

1.28   2018-05-06 TEODESIAN
    - Fix incorrect documentation of constructor fields.
    - Remove bogus get_style header in WebElement POD.
    - Fix chrome maximize() polyfill
    - Adjust is_displayed to do appropriate "displayedness" checks when in WC3 mode.

1.27   2018-25-03 TEODESIAN
    - Fix incorrect passing of capabilities to geckodriver which caused exceptions on instantiaion.
    - Fix issue where <form> elements could not be submitted.
    - Allow bypass of JSONWire emulation in Selenium::Remote::WebElement::get_attribute().

1.26   2018-19-02 TEODESIAN
    - Fix issue where only <form> elements and not <input> elements could be submit()ted.
    - Force chrome into using JSONWire style capabilities passing, as WC3 style is just horribly broken on chromedriver.
    - Skip v1.25, because the PAUSE indexer apparently thinks 1.25 < 1.24

1.24   2018-12-02 TEODESIAN
    - Fix issue where ID finder polyfills failed on IDs with dots (.) in them.
    - Force fallback to JSONWire execute_script calls in chrome, they're not quite right in WC3 mode.

1.23   2018-29-01 TEODESIAN
    - Fix issue on legacy chrome/driver with get/set window pos by forcing fallback to JSONWire methods.

1.22   2018-25-01 TEODESIAN
    - Fix issue where is_enabled() polyfill on WD3 servers was checking the wrong attribute.
    - Fix issue where Firefox/Chrome capabilities were not correctly passed
    - Make some JS polyfill failures non-fatal

1.21   2018-19-01 TEODESIAN
    - George S. Baugh (@teodesian on github, TEODESIAN on CPAN) is now the maintainer.

    - WC3 webdriver methods have all been implemented, and shims for servers 'halfway there' have been instituted.
    - Backwards-compatibility with old selenium servers should still remain.
    - Attempts to fall-back to JSONWire methods if WC3 methods are not available
    - drag() re-instated in Selenium::Remote::WebElement as an alias to Selenium::ActionChains::drag_and_drop().

    - Fix warnings thrown in release testsuite by unescaped regexes on perl 5.24
    - Expand POD for some modules

    - Selenium::Remote::Driver::pause() - There are plenty of other ways to sleep().

1.20   2017-25-05
    - Shim use of name as find method for geckodriver
    - Start up geckodriver/binary Firefox properly
    - #309, #310: @syspete: Fix issues with dependencies
    - #313, #312: @lukec: Handle saucelabs redirect during session create

    - #307: @vitstradal: Re-use an existing session

1.12   2017-05-02
    - #303: Restore switchWindow functionality in Chrome

1.11   2017-01-02
    - #298: @vkatsikaris: fixed ports option (long overdue on my part, thanks)!

    - #301: Update json parameter for switchWindow

1.02   2016-13-12
    (bundled firefox driver version: 3.0.0b2)

    - #288: @vkatsikaris: Add context endpoints for Firefox

    - #279, #281: @richi235: Fix errors in IDE plugin script generator
    - #291, #292, #299: Handle spec element key format

1.00   2016-01-09
    (bundled firefox driver version: 3.0.0b2)

    - For users of Selenium::Firefox, FF support defaults to v48;
      if you have FF47 installed, your existing scripts will require
      modification. See docs in Selenium::Firefox for more info.

    - #271: Support geckodriver & FF48
    - #260: Update firefox artifacts to 3.0.0b2 to support FF47
    - #259: Allow users to pass in existing FF profile dir
    - #276: Simplify recordings to enable easier releases

    - Encode Firefox profiles without newlines for Sel 3.0 compatibility
    - #272: Remove unnecessary sleeps for successful waits
    - #270: Fix bug in find_child_element default finder
    - #263, #275: Address various documentation issues
    - #253: Fix error_handler being called incorrectly

0.2701 2016-11-01
    (firefox driver version: 2.48.2)

    - #239: Respect existing prefs when using custom profile with Selenium::Firefox
    - #238: Update firefox driver extension to latest 2.48.2
    - #21: Update docs about using child finders with xpath

0.27   2015-30-08
    - #219: Add `startup_timeout` to CanStartBinary role
    - #211: @peroumal1: Document locator usage for Test::SRD functions

    - #215: Replace Time::Mock with the more reliable & tested Test::Time
    - #212: @peroumal1: Fix bug in find_no_element_ok
    - #209: @peroumal1: Make error_handler catch non-webdriver exceptions in Test::SRD
    - #222: Describe demolish/destroy behavior.
    - #226: Allow local file URLs for PAC url
    - Stop trying to do things during global destruction

0.26   2015-16-05
    (selenium version: 2.45.0)

    - #203: Allow users to install a custom error handler
    - #204: Implement action chains

    - #147: Allow for inflation to a full Moose class
    - #192: Stop assuming objects are around during global destruction
    - #200: Fix undocumented upload_file endpoint bug for paths with ".."
    - Refactor to remove some unnecessary dependencies

0.25   2015-24-03
    (selenium version: 2.45.0)

    - #189 Start webdrivers directly, removing the need for the JRE. See
       Selenium::Chrome, Selenium::Firefox, Selenium::PhantomJS.

    - #194, #195: @teodesian, @jamadam: fix undocumented upload file behavior

0.24    2015-18-02
    - #182 Non-crashing warn-instead-of-die parameter finders: find_element_by_class, etc
    - #183 Convenience packages for starting up browsers: Selenium::Chrome, Selenium::Firefox, etc
    - Provide wait_until utility functionality in Selenium::Waiter

    - #184 Fix bug about reverting default finder in T:S:R:D

0.23   2014-25-01
    - #178 Fix upload_file's return value & add test suite
    - #179 Add optional middle finder-strategy argument to T:S:R:D's find_element-like functions
    - #174 Add new endpoints: cache status, geolocation, log types, orientation, etc

    - #175 Fix find_elements
    - #180 Stop overwriting body_text_unlike test descriptions
    - #141 Explicitly cast height and weight to integers for set_window_size

0.2203 2014-18-01
    - #175 Fix find_elements_ok

0.2202 2014-26-11
    - Generalize error message for invalid finder strategies

0.2201 2014-13-11
    - Fix redirect handling mishap in RemoteConnection

0.22   2014-10-11
    - Improved error messaging for Saucelabs non-json cases
    - Improved error messaging for malconfigured chromedrivers
    - #169 Add maximize_window function
    - #58 Add get_user_agent function

    - Specify minimum compatible version of Moo dep
    - Make more easily subclassed ( ea68e06, 63e78e3 )
    - Get TravisCI passing again
    - #164 Roll & use our own mocking classes
    - #152 Gracefully catch more error cases

    - #161 get|set_speed subs are no-ops and will be removed in
      the upcoming release
    - #158 WebElement's drag function is deprecated and will be
      removed in the upcoming release. Use mouse_move_to_location
      in the interim

0.2102 2014-07-16
    - Add inner_window_size sub and hash key option to accomodate S-R-D-UserAgent use

0.2101 2014-07-16
    - Update list of no_content_success methods that interpret an undef value as success

0.21   2014-07-16
    - #87: Implement is_hidden for WebElements

    - #145: Revert previous 2.42.2 fix to allow for endpoints properly returning ''
    - #146: Keep test description when using content_like

0.2002 2014-07-02
    - #135, #136, #142: Fix compatability issues with JSONWireProtocol changes in 2.42.2

    - Add an optional base_url parameter for automatic concatenation in get/get_ok

0.2001 2014-05-23
    - #128: Fix upload_file where encode_base64 was not exported properly
    - #54 : Update the status endpoint when checking for Grid
    - #124: Explicitly specify finder type in get_body

0.20   2014-04-25
    - Add a desired_capabilities option that provides full control over the desiredCapability object
    - Add a new_from_caps constructor to distinguish against the normal new constructor
    - Add a ua option to allow injection of LWP::UserAgent for testing

    - Completed the Moo restructure (pr #103) with pr #122, fixing a bug in _check_ok (#121).

0.19   2014-04-11
    - Added Selenium::Remote::Driver::Firefox::Profile for managing Firefox profiles.

0.1801 2014-04-09
    - Using Dist::Zilla & Pod::Weaver to keep the POD as DRY as possible

    - Restore broken proxy functionality - should use the value passed in ->new
    - #119 Restore broken find_elements functionality - should return an arrayref or an array

0.18   2014-03-28
    - New maintainer: Daniel Gempesaw <>
    - Fix failing tests in CPAN distribution!

    - We now 'croak' instead of returning error strings in a number of
      cases where invalid method calls were made. This should make
      debugging easier in some cases, and is more aligned with our
      documentation which already stated that we would croak on errors.
      Still, your code may depend on the old behavior.

    - The hover() method on the WebElement has been removed. This is not in the JSON Wire protocol,
      and the same functionality is avialable with the Driver object's move_to() method.

    - Merged Test::WebDriver into this distribution as Test::Selenium::Remote::Driver.
      Several updates to it are included since the last release. (Mark Stosberg)

    - The existence of most (or all?) key testing methods in
      Test::Selenium::Remote::Driver is now documented, rather than leaving it to users
      to figure out the magic effects of AUTOLOAD on the methods in the parent
      class. (Mark Stosberg)

    - Added type_ok() to Test::Selenium::Remote::Driver, similar to the method by the same name
      from Test::WWW::Mechanize (Mark Stosberg)

    - Added several methods to Test::Selenium::Remote::Driver that allow you to find
      an WebElement and test against in a single command. (Mark Stosberg)
      The test methods for WebElements include:

         type_element_ok   - find an element and type into it.
         element_text_is   - find an element and check the text.
         element_value_is  - find an element and check the value.
         click_element_ok  - find an element and click on it.
         clear_element_ok  - find an element and clear it.
         is_element_displayed_ok - find an element and check to see if it's displayed.
         is_element_enabled_ok - find an element and check to see if it's enabled.

    - Added and started using Test::Selenium::Remote::WebElement. This a
      sub-class of Selenium::Remote::WebElement. This allows testing
      methods on the "WebElement" object as well as main '$driver' object.

    - Added a pause() function, that sleeps for the given number of milliseconds, just like

    - new() now accepts a 'default_finder' option to allow you to change the default finder, which
      is currently 'xpath'. This will be of interest to those who prefer CSS-style selectors,
      such as jQuery uses.

    - new() now accepts a 'webelement_class' option to allow you to specify an alternate WebElement class.
      This could be used to add testing methods or functionality for WebElements.

    - Shortcut methods absorbed from Test::WebDriver into Selenium::Remote::Driver:

      get_text() Returns the text for a particular element.
      get_body() Returns the text for the whole body.
      get_path() Returns the path part of the current URL.

    - New short method to save a screenshot to a file: $driver->capture_screenshot($filename).
      The name was chosen for compatibility with a WWW::Selenium method of the same name.

    - Removed 'get_location()' as an alias in Test::Selenium::Remote::Driver.
      Please use the more specific 'get_current_url()' instead.
      It's a more specific name that matches the Selenium API method name.

    - Adding text checking methods to Test::Selenium::Remote::Driver

        # Run regex's against the entire page source

        # Run regex's against just the "text" of the page

        # Check page source for strings

        # Check text of page for strings

      The names are intentionally the same as their Test::WWW::Mechanize
      counterparts.  However, these methods may take an arrayref of regular
      expressions for improved performance when you want to run multiple
      tests against the same page.

      Normally Selenium::Remote::Driver would make an HTTP request to the
      driven browser for each content check. By using an arrayref for
      multiple checks of the same page, you can avoid the extra HTTP
      requests and speed up your tests. (Mark Stosberg)

    - Updated ChangeLog to reflect that debug_on() and debug_off() methods were added in 0.16.

    - Switch S::R::D to Moo; this should not have any adverse impacts, as our API is unchanged

    - Take advantage of additional Dist::Zilla plugins (travis, commitbuild, autoprereqs, etc)

    - MIME::Base64 is now only loaded if it used for a file upload or taking a screenshot.
      This will create a minor speed-up for common cases which don't use these features.

    - Explained why the code does 'use 5.006; use v5.10.0;', and it's not pretty.
       The short version: before perl 5.006, the v-string 'v5.10.0' would not be understood.
       The page
       explains it in much more detail than I can.
       Fortunately, it boils down to this:

    - Added Test::LongString as a dependency to support the new content checking methods.

0.17   2013-07-13
    - Second build with DistZilla, now with distzilla branch merged into master.
    - commit db99a00: Dave Rolsky: Fix broken use of =cut
    - commit 505232b: Dave Rolsky: Changed indentation of commit 0d78dbe
    - commit f042929: Dave Rolsky: Check for content_type not being json
    - commit 0e7ad05: Dave Rolsky: Include error message from
              server when we can't create a session
    - commit aba915e: Dave Rolsky: Don't assume response
              structure, avoid undef warnings
    - commit 6e34634: Dave Rolsky: Move cmd_return check up a
              little higher to simplify the code
    - commit b6e79c1: Mucking about trying to create 0.17
    - commit 81a6ffe: Merged branch 'dist-zilla'
    - commit 45bcea2: Updated Changes file for version 0.16 and 0.17
    - commit b28b61e: Changed maintainer information
    - commit b28b61e: Improved DistZilla configuration
    - commit b28b61e: Improved 03-spec-coverage test
    - commit b6b2cdb: Improved 03-spec-coverage test, skip some methods
    - commit 61ae784: Reformatted README to 80 columns, fixed a typo.

0.16   2013-04-11
    - New maintainer and beginning CPAN artist: Charles Howes <>
    - First build with DistZilla (using distzilla branch from git repository, somewhat stale)
    - Added debug_on() and debug_off() methods.
    - commit 338872f: Deleted MANIFEST, MANIFEST.SKIP, Makefile.PL
    - commit 338872f: Changed README
    - commit 338872f: Created dist.ini for Distzilla
    - commit 338872f: Added 'uploadFile' to
    - commit 338872f: Forced stringification of arguments in send_keys,
    - commit 338872f: Removed check for secure cookie in t/01-driver.t
    - commit 338872f: Updated
    - commit 0d78dbe: Show error message from server
    - commit dadb329: Click wasn't working due to typo
    - commit b992873: Added Pod headers to
    - commit d30e31e: Bumped version number to 0.16 in dist.ini
    - commit 6936c64: Stripped CR from end of lines everywhere

0.15   2012-03-12
    - execute_script() can return web elements for data structures
      (arrays for .e.g.).
    - The error messages are now a little more descriptive in cases of
    - Fixed the carp 1.25 related issue in tests.
    - Added support for proxy configuration.

0.14   2012-03-01
    - Added method send_keys_to_active_element() in driver
    - Added method get_sessions()
    - Fixed issue #11
    - Fixed documentation from issue #21

0.13   2012-02-08
    - Added support for key events in send_keys() method
    - Added methods to get/set window position/size
    - get_active_element() now returns a WebElement object
    - Bunch of bug fixes & documentation fixes.

0.12   2011-09-20
    - Tests now use mock recordings for each major os
      this will be expanded to include different versions
      of selenium
    - added module metadata so bug tracking and repository
      info will appear on metacpan (Thanks Tom Hukins!)
    - Fixed issue with find_child_element(s) which caused
      search methods which had 2+ words to fail
      ("css selector","class name","tag name", etc)

0.11   2011-08-16
  This is quite a large list for this release and will be
  the first cpan release. The later releases will hopefully
  happen often and won't be quite as large.

    - subroutine calls carp when an error occurs or when
      an element cannot be found
    - if an element cannot be found, carp should tell you
      which line in your local script where the element was
      not found
    - added the following driver api calls

    - fixed the following api calls
    - $element->get_value is deprecated...
       subroutine now points to get_attribute('value')
    - added the following element api calls
    - added initial IDE plugin for the Selenium-IDE
       (this is based off the Rspec webdriver ide plugin)

    - Added "extra_capabilities" named argument to the driver
    - make send_keys accept one or more string argument
    - added javascript method to driver
       (thanks Phil Kania!)

    - fixed issue: check for empty string before trying to decode
    - fixed issue: if script using the module ever forked, the
      driver would call quit whenever that fork was closed
    - fixed issue: Marked as deprecated: WebElement::set_selected
      and WebElement::toggle
    - fixed issue: global $driver variable in WebElement caused the
      remote connection to be destroyed before the driver was able
      to call quit()

    - fixed issues:
      - improper definition of setImplicitWaitTimeout
      - missing 'css' entry in FINDERS
      - set up $using correctly
        (thanks Phil Mitchell!)

0.10    2010-05-02
    - Implemented support for JSON wire protocol as of a4 release of
    Selenium 2.0.
    - The main Driver & WebElement modules are implemented & functional.
    - Added unit tests for Driver. As of this moment only live testing is
    supported as the server itself is alpha & mocking its behavior doesn't
    help our cause.
    - Added POD for Driver & WebElement

0.01    2010-02-21
    - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.