Revision history for Perl extension SWISH::Filter.

0.191 12 June 2015
 - patch for Windows compatability from Alexandr Ciornii

0.190 04 Aug 2014
 - moved to github
 - added SWISH::Filters::PDF2XML using CAM::PDF

0.18 13 Feb 2013
 - Filters::Base->use_modules now supports required minimum version of
   supporting module
 - YAML and JSON filters now require Search::Tools::XML 0.88 or newer
 - added .yml and .json test files

0.17 10 Feb 2013
 - added SWISH::Filters::YAML

0.16 10 Oct 2011
 - added SWISH::Filters::JSON

0.15 05 May 2010
 - can_filter() returned empty list sometimes when it shouldn't, so rewrote
   the memoization logic. This may address past memory leaks as well.

0.14 02 Jan 2009
 - fix some memory leaks
 - add 'application/xml' as alternate to text/xml MIME
 - add SWISH::Filter::MIMETypes to avoid some circular references, 
   deprecate parent_filter() method.
 - add Module::Pluggable as a dependency, to handle the *::Filters::*

0.13 19 Nov 2009
 - fix path separator in tests to allow for Windows 

0.12 28 Sep 2009
 - avoid Subroutine redefined warnings in Base by checking if class  can()
   run_$program before creating a closure.

0.11 add MIME::Types as req and supplement built-in mime typer with more types

0.10 cache can_filter() to avoid regexp check against all filters each time
 - add missing deps to Makefile.PL

0.09 fixed SWISH::Filter to actually set meta_data correctly, and SWISH::Filters::Decompress to pass it through

0.08 changed metadata() to meta_data() and added ability to set it in convert()
 - thorough audit of all Filters to improve syntax and formatting
 - removed dependency on HTML::Entities (and thus HTML::Parser) by moving
   escapeXML() into SWISH::Filters::Base
 - moved format_meta_headers() into SWISH::Filters::Base
 - added test.mp3 to test files
 - fixed SWISH::Filters::Decompress to correctly set MIME types using
   SWISH::Filter instead of File::Type
 - added parent_filter() method to SWISH::Filters::Base
 - added base filter() method to SWISH::Filters::Base which will croak if
   not overridden
 - actually added SWISH::Filters::Decompress so it gets packaged... doh!

0.07 added metadata() feature to Document class and updated Filters where applicable
 - added 'title' as default title_tag in Pdf2HTML RT fix 20887 added
   SWISH::Filters::Decompress and associated t/*gz files

0.06 worked final (we hope) kinks out of make test, esp where Filters already installed

0.05 added --ignore_filters option to swish-filter-test example
 - fixed type() and priority() base filter methods to actually work
 - replaced test.doc with non-fast-saved version and removed comment in
 - fixed skip_filters routine in to use hash ref instead of hash
 - added .ppt test file

0.04 dump packaging error makes 0.03 fail 'make test' via CPAN
 - 0.04 is identical to 0.03 but includes missing example script

0.03 first CPAN release 15 June 2006
 - Peter Karman took over maintenance and made the following
 - changes: * renamed S::F::Document and S::F::Base and split them into
   their own files * added the doc_class() method to S::F * standardized
   the naming of the core Filters * POD cleanup and clarifications

0.02 Swish-e version 2.4.3

0.01 original version