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Changes for version 0.9012 - 2021-09-10

    • Exchange API call method string arugment copy count is reduced
    • Remove SPVM::Unicode UTF-16 related methods because I concentrate UTF-8 and Unicode
    • The name of SPVM module must start SPVM::, otherwise a compile error occurs. For this, Many documents of tutorial, examples, etc are changed. Sorry.
    • If the name is package name which start with upper case and the name is not start "SPVM::", add "SPVM::" to the package name
    • If a packag variable access contains :: and start with $ + upper case, and the name is not start "$SPVM::", insert "SPVM::" to the package name after $
    • Improve error message when package name is different from the package name corresponding to the module file
    • use SPVM MODULE_NAME add "SPVM::" to the top of the module name if the module name does not t start with "SPVM::".
    • Perl package name "SPVM::Foo" become correspoinding to SPVM class name "Foo". This is big change because all SPVM::Foo in SPVM program must be rewriten to Foo. Sorry. However, short name is good. SPVM::Sort->foo becomes Sort->foo
    • create Fn module, remove NumberUtil, StringUtil, ArrayUtil modules. the funtions is moved to Fn module. Sorry. However, short name is good. Fn->join(',', ["abc", "de"])
    • package keyword is renamed to class. And all of the part of the methods and things which contains "package" is replaced to "class". Sorry
    • Static method concept is changed to Class method
    • Lexical Variable concept is changed to Local Variable for other language users.
    • Lexical Analysis concept is changed to Tokenizing
    • Native function prefix is changed to SPVM__ from SPNATIVE__. Sorry.
    • Precompile function prefix is changed to SPVMPRECOMPILE__ from SPPRECOMPILE.
    • SPVM::Builder::Exe target_class_name field is renamed to module_name
    • None


SPVM compiler to create exe file


Static Perl Virtual Machine. Fast Calculation, Fast Array Operation, and Easy C/C++ Binding.
Blessed object base class
Array based blessed object
Class based blessed object
String based blessed object
Bool in SPVM | Bool object
Build SPVM program
Native code Compiler and linker. Wrapper of ExtUtils::CBuilder for SPVM
build config
Build Utilities
Byte in SPVM | Byte object
ByteList in SPVM | Dynamic Byte Array
Cloner in SPVM | a callback interface to clone a object
Comparator::Byte in SPVM | a callback interface for byte comparation
Comparator::Double in SPVM | a callback interface for double comparation
Comparator::Float in SPVM | a callback interface for float comparation
Comparator::Int in SPVM | a callback interface for int comparation
Comparator::Long in SPVM | a callback interface for long comparation
Comparator::Object in SPVM | a callback interface for comparation
Comparator::Short in SPVM | a callback interface for short comparation
Comparator::String in SPVM | a callback interface for string comparation
Complex_2d in SPVM | double complex type
Complex_2f in SPVM | float complex type
SPVM Performance Benchmark
SPVM Exchange API
SPVM Language Specification
SPVM Core Modules
SPVM Native APIs
SPVM Performance Tutorial
Double in SPVM | Double object
DoubleList in SPVM | Dynamic double array
EqualityChecker in SPVM | a callback interface to check the object equality
EqualityChecker::SameObject in SPVM | a callback implementation of EqualityChecker to check if the memory addresses of the two objects are equal.
SPVM Exchange API
Float in SPVM | Float object
FloatList in SPVM | Dynamic float array
Fn in SPVM | Starndard functions
Hash in SPVM | Hash Data Structure
Hash::Entry in SPVM | Hash entry
Int in SPVM | Int object
IntList in SPVM | Dynamic int array
List in SPVM | Dynamic object array
Long in SPVM | Long object
LongList in SPVM | Dynamic long array
Math in SPVM | Math functions
Regex in SPVM | Regular expression
Regex::Pattern in SPVM | Regular expression pattern
Regex::Replacer in SPVM | a callback interface for the regex replacement
Short in SPVM | Short object
ShortList in SPVM | Dynamic short array
StringBuffer in SPVM | String buffer
StringList in SPVM | Dynamic string array
Stringer in SPVM | a callback interface to stringify a object
Time in SPVM | Time manipulation
Time::Info in SPVM | Time information
Unicode in SPVM | Unicode utilities.


in lib/SPVM/Builder/Exe.pm