NAME - Test a device against an SNMP::Info class.


Eric Miller

SYNOPSIS [options]


    -c|class    SNMP::Info class to use, Layer2::Catalyst
    -d|dev      Device
    -s|comm     SNMP community
    -v|ver      SNMP version
    -p|print    Print values
    -i|ignore   Ignore Net-SNMP configuration file
    -m|mibdir   Directory containing MIB Files
    -n|nobulk   Disable bulkwalk
    -x|debug    Debugging flag
    -k|cache    Dump cache (requires Data::Printer to be installed)
    -h|?|help   Brief help message



Specific SNMP::Info class to use. Defaults to SNMP::Info if no specific class provided.

-class Layer2::Catalyst


Device to test against. No default and a mandatory option.



SNMP community string. No default and a mandatory option.

-comm public


SNMP version. Default 2.

-ver 1


Print values of a class method rather than summarizing. May be repeated multiple times.

-print i_description -print i_type


Ignore Net-SNMP configuration file snmp.conf. If this used mibdirs must be provided.



Directory containing MIB Files. Multiple directories should be separated by a colon ':'.

-mibdir /usr/local/share/snmp/mibs/rfc:/usr/local/share/snmp/mibs/net-snmp


Disable SNMP bulkwalk. Default bulkwalk is on and utilized with version 2.



Turns on SNMP::Info debug.



Dumps the table and leaf cache at the end of running. Requires that the Data::Printer module be installed, otherwise does nothing.



Print help message and exits.

DESCRIPTION will test a device against a specfied SNMP::Info class. This allows debugging and testing of live devices to include validating device support with existing classes.