=head1 NAME

SDL::VideoInfo - Video Target Information 


Core, Video, Structure


	my $video_info = SDL::Video::get_video_info();

VideoInfo is only accessible C<SDL::Video::get_video_info>. This module only provides getters to the struct C<SDL_VideoInfo>.


This object is a read-only structure and is returned by C<SDL::Video::get_video_info>. It contains information on either the best available mode if called before C<SDL::Video::set_video_mode> or the current video mode if called after C<SDL::Video::set_video_mode>. 

=head1 METHODS

=head2 hw_available

	$video_info->hw_available() # 1 if Hardware Accelerated Surfaces available	

Is it possible to create hardware surfaces ?

=head2 wm_available

	$video_info->wm_available() # 1 if Window Manager available	

Is there a window manager available ?

=head2 blit_hw

Are hardware to hardware blits accelerated ?

=head2 blit_hw_CC


Are hardware to hardware colorkey blits accelerated ?

=head2 blit_hw_A


Are hardware to hardware alpha blits accelerated ?

=head2 blit_sw

Are software to hardware blits accelerated ?

=head2 blit_sw_CC


Are software to hardware colorkey blits accelerated ?

=head2 blit_sw_A	


Are software to hardware alpha blits accelerated ?

=head2 blit_fill


Are color fills accelerated ?

=head2 video_mem
	my $video_mem = $video_info->video_mem();

Total amount of video memory in Kilobytes, should be accessed only if hw_available == 1, otherwise it is equal to 0

=head2 vfmt

	my $vd_pixel_format = $video_info->vfmt();

C<SDL::PixelFormat> of the video device

=head2 current_w, current_h


Width and height of the current video mode, or of the desktop mode if C<SDL_GetVideoInfo> was called before C<SDL::Video::set_video_mode> (available since SDL 1.2.10)

=head1 SEE ALSO

L<SDL::Video>, L<SDL::PixelFormat>

=head1 AUTHORS