=head1 NAME

SDL::AudioSpec -- SDL Bindings for structure SDL::AudioSpec


Core, Audio, Structure


 use SDL;
 use SDL::AudioSpec;
 my $audio_spec = SDL::AudioSpec->new();
     $audio_spec->freq(22050);          # 22050Hz - FM Radio quality
     $audio_spec->format(AUDIO_S16SYS); # 16-bit signed audio
     $audio_spec->samples(8192);        # Large audio buffer reduces risk of dropouts but increases response time
     $audio_spec->channels(1);          # Mono
 sub callback
     # do something here


The C<SDL::AudioSpec> structure is used to describe the format of some audio data. This structure is used by C<SDL::Audio::open_audio> 
and C<SDL::Audio::load_wav>. 
While all fields are used by C<SDL::Audio::open_audio>, only C<freq>, C<format>, C<samples> and C<channels> are used by C<SDL::Audio::load_wav>. 
We will detail these common members here.

=head1 METHODS

=head2 freq

The number of samples sent to the sound device every second. Common values are 11025, 22050 and 44100. The higher the better.

=head2 format

Specifies the size and type of each sample element. Values it can take are:

=over 4

=item AUDIO_U8

Unsigned 8-bit samples.

=item AUDIO_S8

Signed 8-bit samples.

=item AUDIO_U16 or AUDIO_U16LSB

not supported by all hardware (unsigned 16-bit little-endian)

=item AUDIO_S16 or AUDIO_S16LSB

not supported by all hardware (signed 16-bit little-endian)

=item AUDIO_U16MSB

not supported by all hardware (unsigned 16-bit big-endian)

=item AUDIO_S16MSB

not supported by all hardware (signed 16-bit big-endian)

=item AUDIO_U16SYS

Either AUDIO_U16LSB or AUDIO_U16MSB depending on hardware CPU endianness

=item AUDIO_S16SYS

Either AUDIO_S16LSB or AUDIO_S16MSB depending on hardware CPU endianness


=head2 channels

The number of separate sound channels. 1 is mono (single channel), 2 is stereo (dual channel).

=head2 samples

When used with C<SDL::Audio::open_audio> this refers to the size of the audio buffer in samples. A sample is a chunk of audio data of the 
size specified in format multiplied by the number of channels. When the C<SDL::AudioSpec> is used with C<SDL::Audio::load_wav> samples is 
set to 4096.

=head2 callback

To be documented.

=head1 AUTHORS