Revision history for Role-Tiny

2.002004 - 2021-01-24
  - restore requiring base class when using create_class_with_roles, which was
    accidentally lost in 2.002_000 (RT#134075)

2.002003 - 2021-01-11
  - set dynamic_config to 0 and x_static_install to 1
  - fixed filenames in dependents author test to not use colons
  - removed MRO::Compat from prereqs as it is no longer used
  - marked Class::Method::Modifiers as a hard developer dependency rather than
    a recommended developer dependency
  - rewrote test for namespace cleaning to not require namespace::clean, and
    moved it from an author test to a normal test
  - removed namespace::autoclean from developer prereqs

2.002_002 - 2021-01-03
  - refactored some internals for subclasses to use
  - methods_provided_by will ensure the module is loaded before checking for

2.002_001 - 2020-12-27
  - fix tests when Class::Method::Modifiers is not installed

2.002_000 - 2020-12-23
  - Refactored create_class_with_roles to not use "composable packages". This
    was an optimization for when a role is used in many different uses of
    create_class_with_roles, but required an entirely separate implementation,
    which did not have fully compatible behavior. It would also result in
    methods using modifiers being slower.
  - Add documentation for what methods will be composed from a role
  - Fix backwards compatibility with older versions of Moo when interacting
    with Moose.
  - Treat modifiers as required methods during create_class_with_roles.
  - Fixed methods being no longer composed after they participated in an
    allowed conflict.
  - Dropped use of MRO::Compat.
  - Test cleanups for checking requires during create_class_with_roles.
  - Additional tests to confirm internal role application steps can be fully
  - Fix Pod links to Class::Method::Modifiers
  - Tweaks to author tests
  - Additional tests for working with older Moo versions
  - Additional tests for module loading
  - Allow method modifiers to be specified with an array reference of method
    names, rather than a list. This now matches how the corresponding
    Class::Method::Modifiers subs can be called.

2.001004 - 2019-10-25
  - fix methods being excluded from composition if they previously existed in
    the composing role (RT#130811)
  - fix role application overwriting subs that are not considered methods
  - fix helper subs created by a Role::Tiny extension (like Moo::Role)
    sometimes being teated as methods

2.001003 - 2019-10-09
  - releasing as stable

2.001_002 - 2019-10-06
  - fix methods from roles composed via create_class_with_roles being treated
    differently from roles composed directly (RT#128470)
  - fix constants being included in the methods provided by a role if they
    were created before importing Role::Tiny but used after importing
  - fix prototype handling test on cperl

2.001001 - 2019-10-01
  - added tests for make_role

2.001_000 - 2019-09-19
  - refactored method tracking to allow easier extending (such as by Moo)
  - added make_role method to make a package into a role, but without
    exporting any subs into it
  - refactored sub exporting to allow extensions to do different things with
    the subs

2.000_009 - 2019-09-06
  - fix composing roles into packages that have stub subs in them
  - treat constants consistently with all other subs, no matter where they are

2.000008 - 2019-08-05
  - reverting all changes from 2.000007 due to failures on some perl versions
    and a number of downstream users.  The changes will be reintroduced in a
    fixed form in a future version.

2.000007 - 2019-07-31
  - fix composing roles into packages that have stub subs in them
  - exclude all constant subs from method list

2.000006 - 2017-11-08
  - account for code references stored directly in stash (for perl 5.28)
  - work around hint leakage when loading modules in perl 5.8 and 5.10.1

2.000005 - 2016-11-01
  - revert change to MRO::Compat usage

2.000004 - 2016-10-31
  - Fix consuming stubs from roles (RT#116674).
  - Fix error message when applying conflicting roles to an object.
  - Drop prerequisite on MRO::Compat on perl 5.8.

2.000003 - 2016-04-21
  - don't install subs if importing into a package that is already a role.  This
    can happen if the module previously imported Moo::Role.

2.000002 - 2016-04-19
  - restore compatibility with Moo versions pre 1.004_003
  - delay loading Class::Method::Modifiers until applying modifiers to a package
  - use croak rather than die for reporting errors
  - apply method modifiers only once, even if they are applied via multiple
    composition paths (RT#106668)

2.000001 - 2015-04-24
  - fix generating invalid package names with single colons when abbreviating
    long package names (RT#103310)
  - don't run module interaction tests for user installs

2.000000 - 2015-02-26
  * Incompatible Changes
    - Role::Tiny no longer applies fatal warnings to roles created with it.
      strict and non-fatal warnings will continue to be applied.

1.003004 - 2014-10-22
  - allow does_role to be overridden by Moo::Role

1.003003 - 2014-03-15
  - overloads specified as method names rather than subrefs are now applied
  - allow superclass to provide conflicting methods (RT#91054)
  - use ->is_role internally to check if a package is a role
  - document that Role::Tiny applies strict and fatal warnings

1.003002 - 2013-09-04
  - abbreviate generated package names if they are longer than perl can handle
  - add explicit dependency on the version of Exporter that added 'import'

1.003001 - 2013-07-14
  - fix test accidentally requiring Class::Method::Modifiers

1.003000 - 2013-07-14
  - allow composing roles simultaneously that mutually require each other
  - Fix _concrete_methods_of returning non-CODE entries
  - fix broken implementation of method conflict resolution
  - add is_role method for checking if a given package is a role
  - drop minimum perl version - code tests just fine on 5.6.1 and 5.6.2

1.002005 - 2013-02-01
  - complain loudly if Class::Method::Modifiers is too old (and skip tests)
  - don't use $_ as loop variable when calling arbitrary code

1.002004 - 2012-11-02
  - remove accidentally-introduced usage

1.002003 - 2012-10-29
  - fix method modifier breakage on 5.10.0

1.002002 - 2012-10-28
  - skip t/around-does.t when Class::Method::Modifiers is not installed

1.002001 - 2012-10-26
  - t/does-Moo.t moved to 'xt' (RT#80290)
  - don't die when looking for 'DOES' on perl < 5.10 (RT#80402)

1.002000 - 2012-10-19
  - load class in addition to roles when using create_class_from_roles
  - fix module name in Makefile.PL (RT#78591)
  - when classes consume roles, override their DOES method (RT#79747)
  - method modifiers can be used for 'does' and 'DOES'

1.001005 - 2012-07-18
  - localize UNIVERSAL::can change to avoid confusing TB2
  - properly report roles consumed by superclasses

1.001004 - 2012-07-12
  - remove from the test supplied by mmcleric so we install again
  - when applying runtime roles include roles from original class in new class
    ( fixes ::does_role checks)

1.001003 - 2012-06-19
  - correctly apply modifiers with role composition
  - check for conflicts during role-to-object application (test from mmcleric)
  - add an explicit return to all exported subs so people don't accidentally
    rely on the return value
  - store coderefs as well as their refaddrs to protect against crazy

1.001002 - 2012-05-05
  - alter duplication test to not provoke Class::Method::Modifiers loading

1.001001 - 2012-04-27
  - remove strictures from one last test file

1.001000 - 2012-04-27
  - Documentation improvements, no code changes

1.000_901 - 2012-04-12
  - Fix MANIFEST inclusion of Role::Basic composition

1.000_900 - 2012-04-11
  - Add composition with tests stolen from Role::Basic

1.000001 - 2012-04-03
  - Document that Class::Method::Modifiers must be depended on separately
  - Update tests so that they skip correctly without C::M::M
  - Add a SEE ALSO section

1.000000 - 2012-03-29
  - Remove redundant code in create_class_with_roles
  - Minor doc fix to does_role
  - Split Role::Tiny out into its own dist

Changes below this line are from when Role::Tiny was still bundled with Moo:

  - Fix a bug where coercions weren't called on lazy default/builder returns
  - Switch Moo::Utils to using Module::Runtime, and add the 5.8 %INC
    leakage fix into Role::Tiny's _load_module to provide partial parity
  - Update incompatibilities with Moose documentation
  - Remove Sub::Quote's outstanding queue since it doesn't actually slow
    things down to do it this way and makes debugging easier.
  - Revert 'local $@' around require calls to avoid triggering Unknown Error
  - Explicitly require Role::Tiny in Role::Tiny::With (RT#70446)
  - Fix spurious 'once' warnings under perl -w

0.009013 - 2011-12-23
  - fix up Class::XSAccessor version check to be more robust
  - improved documentation
  - fix failures on perls < 5.8.3
  - fix test failures on cygwin

0.009012 - 2011-11-15
  - make Method::Generate::Constructor handle $obj->new
  - fix bug where constants containing a reference weren't handled correctly
    (ref(\[]) is 'REF' not 'SCALAR', ref(\v1) is 'VSTRING')

0.009011 - 2011-10-03
  - add support for DEMOLISH
  - add support for BUILDARGS

0.009010 - 2011-07-20
  - missing new files for Role::Tiny::With

0.009009 - 2011-07-20
  - remove the big scary warning because we seem to be mostly working now
  - perl based getter dies if @_ > 1 (XSAccessor already did)
  - add Role::Tiny::With for use in classes
  - automatically generate constructors in subclasses when required so that
    subclasses with a BUILD method but no attributes get it honoured
  - add coerce handling

0.009008 - 2011-06-03
  - transfer fix to _load_module to Role::Tiny and make a note it's an inline
  - Bring back 5.8.1 compat

0.009007 - 2011-02-25
  - I botched the copyright. re-disting.

0.009006 - 2011-02-25
  - handle non-lazy default and builder when init_arg is undef
  - add copyright and license info for downstream packagers
  - weak ref checking for Sub::Quote to avoid bugs on refaddr reuse
  - Switch composed role names to be a valid package name

0.9.5 Tue Jan 11 2011
  - Fix clobberage of runtime-installed wrappers by Sub::Defer
  - Fix nonMoo constructor firing through multiple layers of Moo
  - Fix bug where nonMoo is mistakenly detected given a Moo superclass
    with no attributes (and hence no own constructor)

0.9.4 Mon Dec 13 2010
  - Automatic detection on non-Moo superclasses

0.9.3 Sun Dec 5 2010
  - Fix _load_module to deal with pre-existing subpackages

0.9.2 Wed Nov 17 2010
  - Add explanation of Moo's existence
  - Change @ISA setting mechanism to deal with a big in 5.10.0's get_linear_isa
  - Change 5.10 checks to >= to not try and load MRO::Compat on 5.10.0
  - Make 'perl -Moo' DTRT

0.9.1 Tue Nov 16 2010
  - Initial release