Changes for version 0.93

  • Take `result_class` of `DBIx::Class::ResultSet` instead of asking for columns info on the actual data row (#110);


Raisin command script


A REST API microframework for Perl.
A helper for Raisin::Middleware::Formatter over decoder modules
A helper for Raisin::Middleware::Formatter over encoder modules
JSON serialization plugin for Raisin.
Data::Dumper serialization plugin for Raisin.
YAML serialization plugin for Raisin.
A simple facade to use with your API
An expose object.
Default logger for Raisin.
A parser/formatter middleware for Raisin.
Parameter class for Raisin
Base class for Raisin plugins
Logger plugin for Raisin.
Generates API description in Swagger 2/OpenAPI compatible format
Request class for Raisin.
A routing class for Raisin.
Endpoint class for Raisin::Routes.
Utility subroutine for Raisin.