Changes for version 1.19

  • Internal changes
    • CPAN RT #90914: use Module::Runtime::require_module instead of Class::MOP::load_class
  • Documentation
    • Added SUPPORT and LICENSE sections.
  • Tests
    • Make sure author tests are only executed when AUTHOR_TESTING=1
    • Adapt t/98-kwalitee.t to the new Test::Kwalitee API.
  • Distribution
    • Added LICENSE file


Generate tags files for Cfengine
Display the status of a Cisco network switch
Fetch information and generate config files for RackObjects
Perform various consistency checks on RackTables objects
Web service access to RackMan
Trivial link redirecter to RackTables


Main interface for accessing a RackTables database
Module to handle RackMan configuration
Class for representing a RackObject
Base role for PDU
Role for APC Rack PDUs
Base role for servers
Role for HP ProLiant servers
Base role for network switches
Role for Cisco Catalyst network switches
Base role for VMs
Generic class to represent a file
Generate the Bacula config files for a given RackObject
Create Cacti graphs for the given RackObject
Generate the DHCP config for a given RackObject
Generate a file from a generic for a given RackObject
Generate the Kickstart config for a given RackObject
Generate the LDAP definition for a given RackObject
Generate the Nagios config for a given RackObject
Generate the PXE config for a given RackObject
Perform basic operations with any SCM
High-level tasks
Simple templating module for RackMan
RackTables <-> RackMan types translation
Utility functions
Base class for RackTables schema
Common RackTables types