Mailing interface for objects that can receive emails.

Throttling is also provided to keeping daily count of emails sent under control.

To be clear this is meant to be used as a base class and derived classes are required to implement certain methods so the facility works correctly.


Retrieve the class defined email address. This is specifically assigned within the RWDE Object hash for the purpose of dispatching emails.


This method is required to be implemented by your derived class. If you don't implement it an DevelException will be thrown upon invocation.

The implementation for this method should include a call to _send_message in order for the interface to work end to end.


Verify that that record has no exceeded specified daily limits for messages.

If the number of messages has not been exceeded then the message is sent out via RWDE::PostMaster


Check to make sure that the mailing limit (default 5) has not been exceeded for today.