Changes for version 0.02 - 2017-09-28

  • for interactive display on tickets, highlight the status that user clicked which opened a menu
  • add way to resize circle decorations
  • polish inspector UI
  • hide approvals and reminders options for non-ticket lifecycles
  • add more localization tags
  • stop picking random colors for new statuses
  • animate new status nodes and decorations into the scene
  • improve animations around transitions by drawing them from status to status
  • change the permission entry field from textbox to combobox
  • avoid rendering issues dragging status nodes over top of eachother
  • avoid rendering issues with transitions being drawn inside status circles
  • add new option for selecting whether user can pan and zoom on ticket display
  • add new option for selecting the initial center point on ticket display: origin, current status, or zoom to fit
  • hide canvas border on ticket display when sensible
  • make add/select controls available when any node is selected
  • disable, don't hide, undo/redo buttons that are unavailable


manage lifecycles via admin UI