package RPi::PIGPIO::Device::LED;

=head1 NAME

RPi::PIGPIO::Device::LED - Turn on and off a LED


Turn on and off a led connected to a local or remote RapsberryPi

What this actually does is set the GPIO to output and allow you to set the levels to HI or LOW


    use RPi::PIGPIO;
    use RPi::PIGPIO::Device::LED;

    my $pi = RPi::PIGPIO->connect('');

    my $led = RPi::PIGPIO::Device::LED->new($pi,17);


    sleep 3;



use strict;
use warnings;

use base 'RPi::PIGPIO::Device::Switch';

=head1 METHODS

=head2 new

Create a new object


    my $led = RPi::PIGPIO::Device::LED->new($pi,$gpio);


=over 4

=item * $pi - an instance of RPi::PIGPIO

=item * $gpio - GPIO number to which the LED is connected


=head2 on

Turn on the led

Usage :


=head2 off

Turn off the led

Usage :


=head2 status

Returns the status of the led (checks if the GPIO is set to HI or LOW)