Created:      2010-08-18
Bug tracker:  <https://github.com/kjetilk/RDF-Helper-Properties/issues>
Maintainer:   Kjetil Kjernsmo <mailto:kjetilk@cpan.org>

0.24  2016-12-29  Update to Moo.

 - (Update) Update to Moo.

0.22  2012-08-13

 - (Addition) 'title' method called in list context now also returns
   literal datatype and language.

0.20  2012-08-10  Refactoring

 - (Addition) 'page_properties' and 'title_properties' attributes allow
   list of properties understood to be customized.
 - (Update) Drop dependency on deprecated Error.pm; use Carp::confess
 - Expose 'cache' attribute publicly, and allow it to accept
   CHI/Cache::Cache objects.
 - Refactored module.
 - use Any::Moose