Created:      2010-06-19
Home page:    <https://metacpan.org/release/RDF-Endpoint/>
Bug tracker:  <https://github.com/kasei/perlrdf/issues>
Maintainer:   Gregory Todd Williams <mailto:gwilliams@cpan.org>

0.11  2020-12-22

 - (Update) Update project metadata.

0.10  2018-02-16

 - (Update) Changes to support the new RDFa serializer (#157 from Kjetil

0.09  2017-09-13

 - (Update) Switch from HTML::HTML5::Parser to XML::LibXML parser for RDFa
   SD generation (#153 from Kjetil Kjernsmo).

0.08  2017-01-05

 - (Update) Replaced use of Config::JFDI with Config::ZOMG (github issue

0.07  2014-08-04

 - (Update) Added Plack::App::RDF::Endpoint.
 - (Update) Updated RDF::Endpoint to quote raw-value ETag values (github
   issue #106).
 - (Update) Updated endpoint.psgi to look for PERLRDF_STORE environment
 - (Update) Use base64 encoding of tags to get shorter strings (patch from
   Kjetil Kjernsmo).

0.06  2014-07-01

 - (Update) Add Server header (from Kjetil Kjernsmo via github pull request
 - (Update) Added Allow header to HTTP 405 responses.
 - (Update) Added SPARQL 1.1 WG protocol tests.
 - (Update) Added initial support for application/json-problem errors.
 - (Update) Fixed config bug in t/psgi.t.
 - (Update) Made RDF::Endpoint->new die on invalid config (when both
   load_data and update options are specified).
 - (Update) The load_data and update configuration flags cannot both be
   true at the same time.
 - (Update) Updated RDF::Endpoint to return a 400 error when datasets are
   specified both in protocol and query.

0.05  2012-05-28

 - (Update) Added Service Description resultFormat triples for SPARQL XML
   and JSON Results.
 - (Update) Added use of Plack::Builder and Plack::Middleware::AccessLog in
   default configuration.
 - (Update) Croak when unable to open file handles
 - (Update) Fixed bug in handling of update requests.
 - (Update) Improved HTTP error status code messages.
 - (Update) Improved conformance with SPARQL 1.1 Protocol spec.
 - (Update) Let RDF_ENDPOINT_FILE env variable override the Config::JFDI
 - (Update) Removed custom logging code (should be done with Plack
 - (Update) Renamed Service Description sd:defaultDatasetDescription
   property to sd:defaultDataset.
 - (Update) Require a recent version (0.99) of Plack::Request with support
   for logging.
 - (Update) Updated see also link to SPARQL Protocol (1.1).
 - (Update) Use a default in-memory store if no config file is available.

0.04  2011-07-19

 - (Update) Added RDFa serialization tests (from KjetilK).
 - (Update) Allow the service description default graph to be a URI or a
   blank node (based on config value).
 - (Update) Fixed bug introduced by commit 3fb5e48 causing query results to
   disappear from HTML results page.
 - (Update) Require RDF::RDFa::Generator 0.102 (fixes RDFa service
   description serialization bug).

0.03  2011-06-07

 - (Update) Actually dereference correctly endpoint_path, and make the test
   use root (from kjetilk).
 - (Update) Add merging of namespace hashes (from kjetilk).
 - (Update) Make endpoint path configurable (from kjetilk).
 - (Update) Removed duplicated, hard-coded HTML to allow better
   customization of HTML (from nichtich).
 - (Update) Replace new_with_string with new and change docs (from
 - (Update) Updated service description RDF to use sd:endpoint instead of
   sd:url (tracking updates in the SD spec).
 - (Update) style element must go in head (from kjetilk).

0.02  2011-04-16

 - (Update) Added CodeMirror files for syntax highlighting SPARQL query
   form markup.
 - (Update) Added ETag support for query results, varying based on Accept
   and Accept-Encoding headers, and query string.
 - (Update) Added support for POSTing queries and updates directly using
   the appropriate media types.
 - (Update) Changes to align with SPARQL Protocol 1.1.
 - (Update) Fixed caching bug in which browsers would use cached results
   across endpoint instantiations.
 - (Update) Moved endpoint-specific configuration variables into top-level
   'endpoint' hash.
 - (Update) Service description is now cached in the RDF::Endpoint object.
 - (Update) Updated RDF::Endpoint to use a persistent model object across
   run() calls.
 - (Update) Updated content negotiation quality values.
 - (Update) Updated endpoint.psgi to move config parsing and endpoint
   object construction outside of the request handler.
 - (Update) Updated tests to test functionality directly via PSGI.

0.01  2010-07-14

 - (Update) First release.