=head1 NAME

Protocol::HTTP::Error - HTTP parser error constants


    use Protocol::HTTP;

    my ($request, $state, $position, $error) = $parser->parse($str);
    if ($error and $error == Protocol::HTTP::Error::body_too_large) { ... }


Constants provided by this package are returned by parsers to signal about http protocol errors.

All errors are L<XS::STL::ErrorCode> objects and are of category C<Protocol::HTTP::error_category>.

    Protocol::HTTP::Error::body_too_large->category() == Protocol::HTTP::error_category; # true


=head2 lexical_error

http protocol generic error

=head2 multiple_content_length

multiple headers "Content-Length"

=head2 headers_too_large

http headers exceeded maximum configured value

=head2 body_too_large

message body (plain or in chunks) exceeded maximum configured value

=head2 unexpected_body

Body arrived for a message that is not supposed to have a body

=head2 unexpected_eof

EOF arrived for a message that should not end right now

=head2 unexpected_continue

"100 continue" code arrived from server while it was not supposed to send that

=head2 unsupported_transfer_encoding

=head2 unsupported_compression

=head2 uncompression_failure

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