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Changes for version 0.22

  • BUG FIX: Mojo adapter no longer croaks on pause/unpause.
  • Remove left-in debug code.
  • A bit more test coverage is added.


D-Bus in pure Perl
D-Bus with AnyEvent
Base class for event-driven Protocol::DBus
Messenger for Protocol::DBus::Client::EventBase subclasses.
D-Bus with IO::Async
D-Bus with Mojolicious
base class for a D-Bus peer


in lib/Protocol/DBus/Address.pm
in lib/Protocol/DBus/Authn.pm
in lib/Protocol/DBus/Authn/Mechanism.pm
in lib/Protocol/DBus/Authn/Mechanism/DBUS_COOKIE_SHA1.pm
in lib/Protocol/DBus/Authn/Mechanism/DBUS_COOKIE_SHA1/Pieces.pm
in lib/Protocol/DBus/Authn/Mechanism/EXTERNAL.pm
in lib/Protocol/DBus/Client/Mojo.pm
in lib/Protocol/DBus/Connect.pm
in lib/Protocol/DBus/Marshal.pm
in lib/Protocol/DBus/Message/Header.pm
in lib/Protocol/DBus/Pack.pm
in lib/Protocol/DBus/Parser.pm
in lib/Protocol/DBus/Parser/UnixFDs.pm
in lib/Protocol/DBus/Path.pm
in lib/Protocol/DBus/Signature.pm
in lib/Protocol/DBus/Socket.pm
in lib/Protocol/DBus/WriteMsg.pm
in lib/Protocol/DBus/X.pm
in lib/Protocol/DBus/X/Base.pm
in lib/Protocol/DBus/X/Rejected.pm
in lib/Protocol/DBus/X/SurpriseShutdown.pm