uid         UID of process
  euid        Effective UID of process
  suid        Saved UID of process
  fuid        File UID of process
  gid         GID of process
  egid        Effective GID of process
  sgid        Saved GID of process
  fgid        File GID of process
  pid         process ID
  ppid        parent process ID
  pgrp        process group
  sess        session ID
  priority    priority of process
  ttynum      tty number of process
  flags       flags of process
  minflt      minor page faults
  cminflt     child minor page faults
  majflt      major page faults
  cmajflt     child major page faults
  utime       user mode time (microseconds)
  stime       kernel mode time (microseconds)
  cutime      child utime (microseconds)
  cstime      child stime (microseconds)
  time        user + system time (microseconds)
  ctime       child user + system time (microseconds)
  size        virtual memory size (bytes)
  rss         resident set size (bytes)
  fname       file name
  start       start time (seconds since the epoch)
  pctcpu      percent cpu used since process started
  state       state of process
  pctmem      percent memory
  cmndline    full command line of process
  exec        absolute filename (including path) of executed command
  ttydev      path of process's tty
  cwd         current directory of process