=encoding UTF-8

=head1 NAME

Changes - Revision history for PostScript-Barcode

=head2 0.006  2010-07-05

work around a bug that occurs when capturing STDERR which exhibits under
mod_perl and for which it is difficult to find a minimal test case

=head2 0.005  2010-07-01


=item require latest version of L<Alien::BWIPP>

=item relax attributes C<scale> and C<translate>, backwards compatible

=item some documentation improvements


=head2 0.004  2010-06-23


=item options passing to L<PostScript::Barcode/"render"> explained in detail

=item move type constraints to a class containing the name C<Meta>, and some
type constraints that were previously unlimited arrays are now named tuples

=item fix a memory leak

=item remove barcode metrics, rely on Ghostscript's C<bbox> device instead

=item correct image sizes for PDF and SVG


=head2 0.003  2010-01-14

bugfixes for calling constructors of classes multiple times in the same scope
and for empty data in the constructor (thanks, Jozef Kutej)

=head2 0.002  2009-12-10


=item add Aztec Code, Data Matrix

=item renders to correct image sizes


=head2 0.001  2009-12-07

Initial release.