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Changes for version 0.3.1 - 2013-07-27

  • 00 MAJOR Changes
    • Guts overhaulled so everywhere file IO was done directly, or via PortageXS::Core::getFileContents, it is instead now done by Path::Tiny.
    • DirHandle based traversal replaced by Path::Tiny iterate()
    • Many linewise readers replaced with shorter Path::Tiny->lines
    • Primary configuaration code now modularised to MakeConf, and everywhere that used that 'getParamFromFile' previously is now proxied there via pxs->config-getParam()
    • getPortdir() is now deprecated in favour of the lowercase portdir, which is an inroad to eventually one day using moo lazy accessors.
    • more dependence on shared configuration for paths, but still warty
  • Dependencies::Added / develop requires
    • Test::CPAN::Changes 0.19
  • Dependencies::Added / runtime requires
    • IO::Handle
    • Path::Tiny
  • Dependencies::Removed / runtime requires
    • DirHandle
    • Exporter
  • Documentation
    • Code now annotated with MetaPOD
  • Misc
    • Examples moved to top level


Portage abstraction layer for perl
Colour formatting / translation for Gentoo
Core behaviour role for PortageXS
Parser for make.conf and friends
System interactions role for PortageXS
Console interface role for PortageXS
Dancing Console progress spinner bling.
Console progress spinner bling.
Useflag parsing utilities role for PortageXS
Gentoo version object