Revision history for Perl extension Pod-Weaver-Section-WarrantyDisclaimer

0.121290  2012-05-08 13:12:10 America/Los_Angeles
    - Fix a POD test failure. No changes to code.

0.111290  2011-05-08 18:20:06 PST8PDT
    - Option to use warranty text from different licenses, including a
      custom option. Thanks to apoc, who provided an intial
      implementation using a configuration option rather than
    - Support can be added for new warranties by subclassing the main
      module and overriding two methods
    - Note that the main module will continue to work in exactly the
      same way as it has. Users are not required to select a specific

0.103511  2010-12-17 03:43:59 EST5EDT
    - Fixed typos in documentation. No code changes.

0.103510  2010-12-17 02:14:49 EST5EDT
    - Initial CPAN release