pod2pandoc - convert Pod to Pandoc document model


  pod2pandoc [OPTIONS] {INPUT} [ [ -- ] PANDOC_ARGUMENTS ]

  pod2pandoc -o Module.pdf
  pod2pandoc -t markdown
  pod2pandoc Module::Name -o Module-Name.html
  pod2pandoc lib/ wiki/ --ext .md --wiki --index Home -t markdown_github
  pod2pandoc lib/ docs/ --standalone


pod2pandoc converts "Plain Old Documentation" format (aka Pod, see perlpod) to the Pandoc document model for further processing to other document formats (HTML, Markdown, LaTeX, PDF, EPUB, docx, ODT, man...).

By default or with input - a document is read from STDIN. Multiple input files are combined to one document and listed in document metadata field file. The result is printed in JSON format or passed to Pandoc if additional options such as -t or -o are given.

To process a whole directory of .pm and/or .pod files, specify an input directory as first input and an optional output directory as second.



Print out usage information and exit.

--parse FORMATS

Parse and include data sections. Use * for all.

--podurl URL

Base URL to Perl modules. Default: A false value such as 0 or "" will disable linking to external modules.

--ext EXT

Output file extension when processing a directory. Default: html.

--index NAME

Index file (e.g. index.html) name when processing a directory. Can be disabled with 0.


Include NAME section which is removed by default.


Create wikilinks when processing a directory.


Only process when input file is newer then output file.

--default-meta FILE

Read default metadata from given file.


Don't emit warnings and status information.


Additional options are passed through to pandoc executable.


This script is part of Pod::Pandoc and implemented in App::pod2pandoc. Together with Pandoc document converter it can be used as customizable replacement for specialized Pod converter scripts such as pod2html, pod2projdocs, pod2man, pod2readme, pod2usage, pod2latex, pod2markdown, pod2text, and pod2projdocs.