0.23    Wednesday 1st May, 2013
        Distinguish 'package didn't compile' from 'package has no
        symbols' (Gareth Tunley)

0.22    Tuesday 7th February, 2012
        POD spelling corrections. (rt #22113)
        Add "unimport" to the stoplist. (rt #33914)

0.21    Tuesday 27th July, 2010
        Add SCALAR to the stoplist (implementaion method for tied
        hashes).  Report by David Cantrell.

0.20    Thursday 19th February, 2009
        Fix t/lib/Fully/Qualified.pm to have a 1; (Zefram)
        Ship t/09whitespace.t - had missed it before

0.19    Thursday 13th September, 2007
        Don't use _CvGV to determine if a sub was imported, there's a handy
        flag - GVf_IMPORTED_CV.  Fixes 5.9.5 and future perls
        (solution by Nicholas Clark)

0.18    Friday 4th August, 2006
        Rewrite _CvGV in terms of B::CV - no xs dependency anymore
        (suggested by Tim Bunce)

        Add the (FETCH|MODIFY)_$foo_ATTRIBUTES methods to the private
        stoplists. (rt #12451)

        Support documentation where the method name is documented in a
        ::qualified style (rt #14635)

        Ignores new (5.8) magic CLONE and CLONE_SKIP methods. (rt #17489)

        Added a nonwhitespace option (Alex - rt #14950)

0.17    Tuesday 23rd November, 2004
        Fixed a further case reported by Jos Boumans where
        =head2 $self->foo(); was intepreted as documentation for a
        C<foo()> method.  (more XS4ALL house style)

0.16    Wednesday 20th October, 2004
        Fixed a MANIFEST bug.
        Fixed a case reported by Jos Boumans where
        =head2 $self->foo; was intepreted as documentation for a
        C<foo;> method.  (XS4ALL house style)
0.15    Tuesday 19th October, 2004
        Correctly ignores tie subroutines (David Cantrell)

0.14    Sunday 9th May, 2004
        Small fix from Andy Lester for when people entity escape
        the greater than in the method call arrow.

0.13    Monday 29th December, 2003
        Fixed a case reported by Earle Martin, where 
        =head2 C<foo(),bar(),baz()> wasn't working correctly

        Pod and Test fixes by Andy Lester

        Now we install the pod_cover command line utility.

0.12    Tuesday 30th September, 2003
        Added 'trustme' so that you don't have to lie about subs being private
        when the module fails to find their docs.  Work by David Cantrell.

        Pulled HISTORY out into a Changes file.

        Deprecated and gutted Pod::Coverage::Overloader.  The ignored
        patterns in the base class now include qr/^\(/ which is all it
        really did only in a stupidly complex manner.

0.11    2002-02-27
        Sort the uncovered subs reported from the import form.  From a
        bug report from Tels.

0.10    2002-02-18
        Added Pod::Coverage::CountParents which counts the Pod
        sections from higher in the inheritance tree (it walks @ISA).

        Refactored C<_get_pods> into its own method to allow this.

0.09    2001-12-17
        Fixed a typo in mstevens' name (oopsie)

        Added C<examples/script-covered> based on an email exchange.

        Modified the import form so that if given one argument it's
        assumed to be the package.  From a suggestion by Mark Fowler.

        Changed tracing to use optimisable constants.

        Added why_unrated.

0.08 2001-11-14
        Paul Johnson beat me to making Pod::Coverage a Devel::Cover
        plugin, so that's one less thing in the TODO section.

        Ran the code through perltidy, made some of the changes it

        Worked over the parsing of the also_private flag to give it more
        consistent semantics

        Assimilated C<examples/pod_cover.t> from Tels

        Implemented _CvGV based upon code from Robin Houston.  This
        removes the dependency on Devel::Peek (the CPAN version of
        Devel::Peek doesn't supply CvGV).  This also happily makes the
        module work with perl 5.005_03.

        Fixed a bug in the import routine which was preventing the use
        form of derived classes.  Reports a module is unrated if
        coverage returns undef.

        Added Pod::Checker::Overloader.

        First cut at making inheritance easy.
        Pod::Checker::ExportOnly isa Pod::Checker which only checks
        what Exporter is allowed to hand out.

        Fixed up bad docs from the 0.05 release.

        Used Pod::Find to deal with alternative locations for pod

        Introduced pod_from.  

        Merged some patches from Schwern. 
        Added in covered.  

        Assimilated C<examples/check_installed> as contributed by
        Kirrily "Skud" Robert <skud@cpan.org>.  

        Copes with multple functions documented by one section.  

        Added uncovered as a synonym for naked.

        Just 0.03 with a correctly generated README file

        Applied a patch from Dave Rolsky (barely 6 hours after release
        of 0.02) to improve scanning of pod markers.

        Fixed up the import form.  

        Removed dependency on List::Util.

        Added naked method.  
        Exposed private configuration.

        As #london.pm invaded Brighton, people taked about
        documentation standards.  mstevens scribbled something down,
        richardc coded it, the rest is ponies.