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Fallback if upstream repo does not respond
Apply --no-index to prereqs too?
Fix line buffering in Pinto::Remote::Action.
Create command to list outdated packages.
Move repository configuration into the DB
Heirarchy of exception classes
Create a hook mechanism to do stuff before or after an Action


Enable locks on all stacks (repo lock)
Lookup dists without the extension (e.g. .zip or .tar.gz or .tgz)
Consider pinning at dist level, not pkg
Create command to list dependors and dependants
Create command to verify prereqs on a stack
Create command to list outdated packages
Create command to package whole repo in tar.gz
Stack property: allow devel releases
Repo property: default devel option
Profile and look for performance optimizations.
Verify archive checksums during 'verify'
Standardize API, using named parameters except where it makes sense not to.
Tests, tests, tests.


Optimize generation of CHECKSUMS files.
Improve Perl::Critic compliance.
Document, document, document.
Look for better ways to use Moose roles.
Issue warning if META indicates that configuration is dynamic.


Give revisions properties
Try to ensure integrity of commits (what does this mean?)
Stack property: strict (no overlapping dists)
Add versioning to the stack props
Consider using natural keys for package/dists.
Make the Store transactional
Extract versioning stuff to a separate dist.
Rewrite tests with Test::Class
Mark stacks as merged after merge
Warn if an unmerged stack is being deleted


Generate a RECENT file.
Command options to specify provided/required packages (maybe not)
Enable plugins for visiting and filtering.
news: list recent additions. maybe something from Changes file
ack: Do an ack command across all distributions
look: Unpack archive in temp dir and launch shell there
Mark stacks as deleted after delete