Revision history for Perl extension Pg::Simple.

1.20 2006-08-15  Diab Jerius
        * bug in connect() caused the User and Password
        attributes passed to the constructor to be ignored.
        (Thanks to John Lewis for catching this)

1.10 2004-10-24 Diab Jerius
        * added fetch_hashref method

1.00  Fri Feb 15 23:46:52 EST 2002
        - renamed from PgSimple to Pg::Simple for public release.

2000-01-14  Diab Jerius  <dj@pelf>

	  INSTALL, Changes, GNUmakefile: *** empty log message ***

1999-04-14  Diab Jerius  <dj@pelf>

	* added abort method.  routines now use it upon error

	attributes given to execute method are now valid for that method call

	added attributes to do method

	added ntuples method

	optimized fetch method using the Pg fetchrow method instead
	of getvalue.

	_error wasn't correctly accessing the RaiseError attribute

1999-04-12  Diab Jerius  <dj@pelf>

	* added User attribute to new and connect

1998-11-23  Diab Jerius  <dj@pelf>

	* added support for passwords

	* fix problems in documentation

1998-11-20  Diab Jerius  <dj@pelf>

	* GNUmakefile, INSTALL,

	* GNUmakefile, INSTALL, New file.