Revision history for Perl6-Perldoc

0.0.1  Wed Feb 14 13:53:15 2007
       Initial release.

0.0.2  Fri Apr 13 00:04:20 2007
       No changes logged

0.0.3  Fri Apr 13 20:30:47 2007

    - Fixed test suite
      (Removed YAML dependency;
       Instead of line-by-line comparison of serializations, the
       tests now walk the expected and actual DOM representations in parallel,
       comparing node values via the objects' accessor methods;
       This version of the test suite could easily be adapted to any
       implementation of Pod parsing. Look at the 'make_tests' program and
       the 't_source' directory to see how the tests are now declaratively
       specified and auto-generated.

    - Added missing style() accessor method

    - Fixed handling (and on-the-fly creation) of =headN and =itemN classes

    - Numerous other minor fixes pointed out by new test suite

0.0.4  Fri Apr 20 12:03:05 2007

    - Fixed bleadperl support for on-the-fly carping and croaking (thanks Aevar)

    - Added tests for diagnostics

    - Added filtering kludge for Windows-style newlines (thanks Thom)

    - Changed "missing =itemN" from error to warning

    - Added Filter::Simple dependency (thanks Dave)

    - Added support for P<toc:...> for inserting tables-of-contents

    - Numerous documentation tweaks

    - Vastly improved robustness of XHTML translation of internal links

    - Numerous fixes to XHTML conformance errors:
        * Removed spurious <di/> from definition item generation
        * fixed closing of <th> tags
        * balanced all <a>..</a> tags

    - Made XHTML strict conforming:
        * Quoted value in <li value=...>
        * s{<br>}{<br/>}g

    - Added 'full_doc' option to XHTML translator (thanks Nick)

0.0.5  Wed Apr 25 18:24:46 2007

    - Enhanced Perl6::Perldoc::Parser::parse() so that it now accepts either
      a filename, a filehandle, or a reference to a string, as its data

    - Several doc tweaks (thanks John)

    - Added is_verbatim() method to DOM

    - Fixed propagation of config info into table cells (thanks John!)

    - Improved robustness of table parsing with respect to single/double
      horizontal lines (e.g. no longer treats isolated =>, ==, --, etc.
      as possible vertical boundary components)

    - Fixed bug in DTD generation under 'full_doc' option

    - Add embedded style_sheet support

    - [BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE] Refactored 'full_doc' option with
      'DTD', 'title', and 'style' suboptions
    - Added stylesheet to bin/perldoc2xhtml to improve rendering of tables
      in Firefox, Safari, and Explorer

    - Added -toc option to bin/perldoc2xhtml to autogenerate a table of
      contents for the document

    - Added 'text_to_entities' option: see bin/perldoc2xhtml_enhanced
      for an example (thanks John)

0.000_006  Tue Apr  5 17:28:25 2011

    - Fixed handling of nested '=begin comment' blocks (thanks Larry)

    - Fixed handling of table header rows: now only header if separator
      below first row contains at least one horizontal separator character

    - Fixed bug in translation of S<> to XHTML (thanks Adriano)

    - Fixed handling of X<no targets only text> entries (thanks Joseph)

    - Fixed handling of =END and =for END (thanks again Joseph)

    - Fixed (non-)removal of certain types of pod during filtering
      (thanks Carl)

    - Added warning about C«...» etc. without utf8 (thanks Hinrik)

    - Added bleadperl fix for localized var in regex (thanks Father C!)

0.000007  Sat Nov  5 17:34:16 2011

    - No changes: reuploaded to overcome non-perlish CPAN numbering system
      (thanks Father Chrysostomos)

0.000008  Sun Aug 19 17:03:55 2012

    - Patch to add missing handler for =defn (thanks Darren)

    - Changed module's own =encoding to Latin-1
      to support «...» in docs.

0.000009  Tue Dec 18 19:14:53 2012

    - Numerous bugfixes and improvements
      (thanks Lionel!)

0.000010  Tue Jan 22 18:17:19 2013

    - Added id() method to normalize internal IDs.
      (thanks Lionel)

0.000011  Mon Feb 25 22:38:55 2013

    - Added filename option
      (thanks Lionel)

    - Added support for inlined POD and HTML files via P<> directive
      (many thanks, Lionel)

0.000012  Sun Oct 26 12:09:39 2014

    - Improved handling of + as border marker
      (Thanks Lionel!)

0.000013  Wed Oct 29 07:30:04 2014

    - Tweak to handling of border markers
      (Thanks again, Lionel)