Revision history for Perl-Version

0.0.1   2007-02-03
        Initial release.

0.0.2   2007-02-07
        Minor documentation tidying.

0.0.3   2007-02-23
        Added machine readable licence.

0.0.4   2007-02-24
        Doesn't check for vstrings on Perl < 5.8.1 now.

0.0.5   2007-02-24
        Added perl-reversion example / utility
0.0.6   2007-02-27
        Fixed skip condition so vstring tests are properly skipped.

0.0.7   2007-02-28
        Alpha used to default to three digits, changed to two.
0.0.8   2007-03-29
        Documentation fixes
        Added -dryrun option to perl-reversion [27649]. Thanks to DAXIM
        for the patch.

1.000   2007-09-03
        Removed warning about long version numbers not having a mulitple
        of three digits. Perl 5.00504 doesn't have a multiple of three
        digits and it shouldn't be discriminated against.

1.001   2007-09-07
        Added META.yml to perl-reversion's list of target files.
1.002   2007-09-07
        Improved META.yml handling. So now it, er, works.

1.003   2007-11-08
        Removed dependency.
1.004   2007-11-08
        Removed '> 999' warning.

1.005   2008-04-03
        Fixes for perl-reversion:
        * Allow any of the version formats as options for displaying or
          setting/bumping the version.
        * Display current version in the format found rather than as though
          -normal had been used.
        * Allow more specific -bump-<component> options.
        * Using -current=1.2 no longer matches 1.2.3 in some cases

1.006   2008-04-07
        Major fix for perl-reversion:
        * -bump now properly maintains the number of version components;
          previously, it was treating every version as though it had at least 3
          components, so e.g. 1.1 was being wrongly bumped to 1.1.1
        Other fixes for perl-reversion:
        * -bump -stringify will now properly keep the original version format
          (it was acting as though -normal had been specified)
        * noted that -stringify is the effective default for -bump/-set, so
          those options more accurately report the new version

1.007   2008-04-07
        Fix for perl-reversion:
        * try to only find top-level keys in META.yml; this means we will stop
          catching the version from meta-spec and (hopefully) only catch the
          dist's version.

1.008   2009-03-07
        Skip perl-reversion tests on Windows. They need fork.
        Allow negative indexes on component, increment. See #42181.
        perl-reversion now checks in bin, script subdirectories. See #28119.

1.009   2009-03-08
        Make perl-reversion better at inferring version from structured
        files and not getting confused by unstructured files (like
        README). See #43946.

1.010   2010-09-19
        Install perl-reversion by default.

1.011   2011-02-21
        Remove Build.PL which didn't install perl-reversion.

1.013   2014-02-12
        Remove File::Slurp, which has a critical security issue (RT 92974)